Easter gifts wrapped…

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For Easter we always get the boys something to help them develop, rather than a huge sugar rush and headache, we tend to give something that will last.  Reading books.

I visited Foyles in Bristol last week for inspiration.  I love Foyles the staff are always have so helpful and knowledgeable, and the range of Kids books in there is vast.  Charlie is dyslexic, and has always struggled with reading, he would rather not read than try and fail.  Until recently.  To see our son actually wanting to pick a up and book and to enjoy it!!!  The feeling is incredible – we are so proud.

The book is ‘The diary of a wimpy kid’.  Well, there you go.  I’ve been trying him with adventure books like Tintin, Asterix, Beast Quest and Sea Quest, thinking that my funny, adventurous boy would like this type of narrative.  But no.  Our boy just wants to read about other kids, doing things every day like he does.  Who knew?

So, for Easter we bought him a couple of books to add to his collection, hoping this won’t be a flash in the pan.  I wrapped the little gift in personalised wrapping paper from the brilliant Wrap.me.  Have you tried them yet?

Such a fantastic website, it allows you to use IG images or ones off your own computer to create your own wrapping paper.  I chose funny images that I’ve taken of them over the years.  The boys found it hilarious looking back at our days out and their fancy dress costumes.

Wrap.me is fun and easy to use.  I’m planning on getting some made using the boys illustrations for them to wrap their friends presents in when they go to parties.  Fun!

Hope you have had a lovely Easter!