Hauser & Wirth – Somerset…

Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset

Well, yesterday turned out to be beautiful!  What a sunny, glorious day – felt like high summer, let alone Easter Monday.

I’ve been wanting to visit Hauser & Wirth in Somerset for some time now, but have saved it for a sunny day as I wanted to enjoy the garden too.  I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this place, and couldn’t wait to get down there.

Yesterday was that day, driving down to Somerset through fields of my childhood, the Spring scenery was glorious.  As we entered the pretty village of Bruton we spotted the Chapel, and I knew I’d have to pop in for lunch later.

Hauser & Wirth was everything and more than I expected. Set in beautifully restored farm buildings just outside of Bruton.  The gardens have been landscaped by the internationally-renowned Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf, and in the clear Spring sunshine it was stunning.

Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset

Upon arrival we were hit with the smell of sausages cooking on the BBQ. The courtyard was alive with people enjoying the sun and having a bite to eat in the Roth Bar & Grill. My two, instantly announced they needed a hot dog before we looked at the art installations, so we sat and absorbed the sun for a while, watching the world go by.

Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset

Inside the gallery was the work of Chinese artist Zhang Enli,  entitled ‘Four Seasons’, a series paintings all connected to the natural environment; enlarged views of water, leaves and trees.

I love taking the boys to galleries, to see their reaction and ask them questions on what they can see, and what they like.  In one room there were a series of six large colourful abstract paintings of water.  Rufus could see a crocodille in one, where as Charlie preferred the blue colours over the greys.


Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset

Outside, we wandered around the sculptures, listening to the sound installations of tapping sticks to simulate threshers from the barns previous use.

Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset

The garden was still in early Spring mode, very much just bursting into life.  Which gives me another reason to return in high Summer to see it at it’s peak.


At the top of the garden was the incredible building called the Radić Pavilion (the Serpentine Gallery 2014 Pavilion), designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radić.  A beautiful out of space like structure made from fiberglass.  The boys thought it was like the inside of the tardis.  Such a cool relief to enter after the bright sunshine.

These current exhibitions will run until June.  I will be back in the Summer, perhaps childless so I can enjoy the moment longer.

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