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Wanderlust Wares I am a firm believer that homes and how they are decorated and styled, should be a reflection of who you are. Your loves, your passions, your family history.  So when I discovered the shop Wanderlust Wares I knew I had to share.  Wanderlust Wares sells a variety of beautiful home wares, with it’s roots definitely in a Bohemian Modern style.  Pouffs from Morocco, rugs from the Middle East and jewellery from Africa.

As a girl who has travelled a lot, I love the idea of filling the home with treasures from around the world.  I caught up recently with Wendy Houghton, owner and founder of Wanderlust Wares to find out more…


Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do? 
My name is Wendy and I am the owner of a new homewares and gifts website called Wanderlust Wares. I have actually been a Fashion Buyer for the last 18 years but my family and I moved back from Sydney last year (after 13 years) and I wanted to start my own business doing something that is close to my heart.

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Wendy’s travels in France

What is your inspiration behind Wanderlust wares? 
Well I love travel and I love shopping! So I wanted to combine the two and bring some lovely brands to the UK from all over the world. I am slowly building the brands up to feature beautiful objects from Morocco, India, Denmark, Italy, Tanzania, Australia and the US so far. I think most of us like to escape and dream of exotic places and I wanted Wanderlust Wares to enable people to create this in their own homes.

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How would you describe the feel of your shop and your thinking behind the collection? 
Eclectic, bohemian and eye catching. I want to bring products together that compliment each other, look beautiful and tell stories. For example the Boucherouite rugs I carry are so unique and beautiful, with rich colours and history, but they look great next to the super modern Danish vases and homewares. I like the mix of modern and bohemian together.

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You have travelled all over the world, how has this influenced you and your shop?
Again it’s the mixing of styles I love. I am a great believer in buying something you love when you see it, whether on your travels or not. That way you end up with objects that give you memories and remind you of your travels and you slowly build up a collection you will love. A great shopping quote is “Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy”. I have lugged items across India and Mexico and now enjoy them many years later in my home!

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Travelling in India

What is a typical working day for you? 
Well as a Mum to a 4 year old it’s a bit all over the place! I juggle looking after my son and having a new business but am lucky it’s online as I do most of my work at night. A lot of my time is spent sourcing new products and I am also lucky enough to now use that as an excuse to travel! So I have been out of the country about once a month for that last few months. The rest of my time is spent sending orders out, marketing and research. I am also rather addicted to Instagram and Pinterest, which is really not like work for me!

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What do you love most about what you do? 
Indulging my love of homewares and interiors with my love of buying and travel. Also when I was a Fashion Buyer it was non stop, long hours, office based and didn’t allow for a lot of time with my son. I now love the flexibility of my own business.

You source products that are quite bohemian, is this your own interiors style?
Yes I think it is. For my own home I tend to go with the flow more and buy things I love, and mix them together. It’s been interesting moving back from Australia. Our home there was full of very bright colours and prints and I have had to tone it down a little for the UK. The light here suits a different kind of look.

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Our collaborative Pinboard is full of travels inspiration, where would you like to travel to and why?
Well apart from everywhere! No really after being in Australia for so long I definately want to explore more of Europe again. It’s great to be back here and so near to so many different countries. You really appreciate that when you’ve been on the other side of the world. Apart from Europe, Tulum in Mexico has been somewhere I have wanted to go for a while.. I backpacked through Mexico in my 20s and I lost a coin toss as to which area to visit! Needless to say I still want to go back!

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What do you think is going to be this S/S15 must have in interiors?  There are so many great trends around at the moment but one of my favourites is metallic highlights such as lighting, vases, storage etc.. I am a bit of a magpie and love metallics myself but I also think they are so versatile and go with so many styles. wanderlust wares littlegreenshed blog If you were stranded in the wilds what item would you want with you to survive?  Well apart from my family of course, a lovely soft beautiful throw to keep me warm at night.

Where would you like to be in ten years?  It’s a cliché but just happy and healthy. wanderlust wares littlegreenshed blog Thank you Wendy.  What a wonderful job you have. Travelling, shopping = dream!  I love those Moroccan pouffs, my Grandmother has one, which she bought in Marrakesh when she travelled there in the 1970’s!

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Entries will close on Monday 27th April. Open to worldwide.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday 28th April.  Good luck!

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