Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…

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Spring time bounty from @Poppybarach


Nature in the home is becoming huge!  Thanks to you all!  I cannot believe we have nearly 8,000 entries over on Instagram, it is truly a wonderful thing!  With more and more new people joining me each week.

One new person is Poppybarach, who lives in the USA.  Her instagram feeds is full of natures beauties, a girl after my own heart.   As soon as I saw this darling watering can filled to the brim of fresh spring pickings I fell in love.  FERNS!  Oh how I love you!

As we move further into Spring and the hedgerows and gardens fill with blooms I cannot wait to see what you all style and photograph.  Lilacs, cow parsley, clematis…. oh this really is a wonderful time of year!

Thanks for joining me as always… my #natureinthehome8 is over on IG for you to see!

See you next week for more Nature in the Home!

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