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I am so excited about this months #stylingtheseasons!  There is something a bit special happening later this month, let me tell you more.

Katy and Charlotte in partnership with at{mine} have invited a small group of bloggers / stylists the opportunity to style a box of beautiful Bloom & Wild flowers in anyway they wish, reflecting what April means to them.  My box arrived last Thursday through the post. Inside the cardboard box was a pink delight of flowers, all perfectly wrapped and ready to be arranged.

So what to arrange?  Well, I was stumped.  With the added pressure of my brilliant peers to the mix, I wanted to do something that was different for me and not typically ‘Littlegreenshed’.

Last week, I found a pretty hexagonal shaped mirror in a junk shop, and so inspiration was formed…  a floral mirror garland…

Beautiful flowers supplied by Bloom & Wild – including Asiatic lilies, Alstroemerias, Lisianthus and wax flowers

2Equipment Styling the seasons April


You will need:

  • Blooms – I used all that arrived in the Bloom & Wild box, a mix of lillies, wax flowers, tiny chrysanthemums, wax flowers and lisianthus.
  • Small mirror – or any that you have home, frameless is best. (I picked up this vintage 1930’s mirror from a junk shop for £8)
  • Washi tape or floristry tape (I used pale pink washi as it matched my blooms)
  • Scissors
  • Copper wire (or any wire, I just had this to hand)

flowers detail


  1. Cut a length of wire the circumference of your mirror, with a couple of extra centimetres to allow joining of the ends later.
  2. Cut your blooms to approx 6cm in length, removing most of the leaves.
  3. Start about 5cm from one end of your wire, and wrap the bloom to the wire using a small length of tape.
  4. Continue working in this way, alternating the blooms in a random fashion, trying to cover the tape as you go. (it doesn’t matter if some of the tape is seen, but it’s better if you can cover them completely).
  5. Once you have come to the end of the wire, join up the ends by wrapping them around each other and secure with a piece of tape.
  6. Add your last bloom to hide the join.
  7. Place your garland over the mirror and using large pieces of tape, stick it to the sides.  (this bit is trial and error – I ended up having to hang the mirror and tape the garland in situ).
  8. Tah dah!  Your beautiful spring mirror garland!

lay on mirror step

me in the mirror

Of course this is only a temporary arrangement, and the flowers will wilt and die quite quickly.  So perhaps make this the day before your Easter Sunday feast to adorn your mantle.bedroom styling the seasons april

Would you like to join us?  I hope so.  On the 29th April #stylingtheseasons and at{mine} will be hosting a little workshop at Handmade in London.  I, alongside the other 7 judges get to pick our favourite styling the seasons posts, and the winners will be joining us for the morning at the flower arranging workshop!

at{mine} is at{yours}. It is an online community for home and design lovers, where members do the sharing. Discover beautiful real homes and the stories behind them, and find out where to shop the products you love.  Click here to sign up and join in the fun.

During the workshop we shall be making flower garlands with the brilliant florist Wild Rubus and I will be leading a May Day posy workshop too!  Excited and oh so nervous – eek!


You have until the 15th April to submit your entry!  Good luck – and don’t forget the hashtag #stylingspringatmine!

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