Good lighting is key to a great room…

Image via Saarmanche Blog

Lighting can literally transform a room, from so so to so fabulous!  Take this room for example. This dining space belongs to my IG friend Saar from the Netherlands.  I have always loved this dining table and mirror combination, and how the sunlight falls on it, streaming in through the French doors to the garden.


Then one day this lamp appeared.  And had us all at ‘hello!’.  The room was completely transformed.  This one simple addition had turned Saars humble dining space into a pin-sation over night!

I am always on the hunt for simple yet stunning lighting.  In my own dining room, I have an standard lamp, which hides in the corner close to the under stairs cupboard.  I don’t like it! It jars with the rest of my decor.  So on what seems like a never ending mission, I am scouring the web looking for suitable alternatives.

I recently came across LampCommerce, a light lovers compendium! Pages and pages of designer lighting for all budgets, so much to choose from!  I particularly love the Tom Dixon floor lamp – could this be the one?!  Who am I kidding, there will never be just ‘one’, such is my love of cool lighting.

During the summer months, Dan and I head to the car boots at the weekend.  Recently we came up trumps and found a pair of 1960’s copper wall lights, which he is going to refurbish, and a red clip on angle poise light, which looks 1950’s in style.  Both need a massive overhaul, and presently sit waiting patiently in the shed for a time when he’s not so busy… I won’t hold my breath!

So, tell me, what lighting do you have.  Do you have a hankering for the industrial look or mid-century cool?

This post was written in collaboration with Lampcommerce.

All words and opinions are my own.