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giro shirt
Thinking about breakfast in Giro’s insulated shirt. (Image credit: Immediate Media/Joe Branston)

You may remember about a year ago, Dan wrote his first post on Littlegreenshed.  Well, I thought I’d let him have another go.  My husband the bike geek and model! ;)  Over to Dan…

January 2015:  Sunrise in Castle Park, Bristol.  The paths are still icy with frost.  I’m riding an unfamiliar town bike, in unfamiliar shoes and clothes and I’m posing for an unfamiliar job.  I’m modelling bike kit for Urban Cyclist Magazine.  Yes, modelling…

gt bike
Posing on the surprisingly brilliant Urban ‘cross bike, by GT. (Image credit: Immediate Media/Joe Branston)

The photographer has me ride the same icy corner, over and over again, while he tries to get the shot.  Its not a terribly difficult corner (and it probably wasn’t that icy either) but I’m all too aware of the muddy grass and low wall either side of the path, and I’m struggling to hit the cigarette butt marker on the floor at his feet.  He’s patient, but it seems to me he was expecting a more dramatic riding style.  The sun breaks out over the bridge in the background and now we have just moments left to get it right.

We change location and take Pack shots and Product detail shots, and conversation suddenly starts to feature words like FPS, DPS and ‘gutter’.  Now I’m enjoying myself.  Its great to explore the collection of bikes and kit and fun to help compose shots and suggest locations.

Urban Cyclist Magazine is a labour of love for a small team at Immediate Media.  Its released quarterly and features product reviews and stories about riding in different cities around the world.  Its a magazine about bikes without too much focus on sport – more like a celebration of bikes as part of culture and everyday life.

High viz and lycra may be essential for some, but bike brands have been making more discreet gear for years.  Over the course of the shoot I wore trousers and jackets that ‘fit on and off the bike’.  Brands like Ted Baker, Rapha, Oliver Spence, Pashley and Endura…and then there’s Huez, Giro and Orro.  Masses of amazing choice to keep you warm, cool or dry.  Most of the clothes look and feel great, and I’m drawn to the clothes that look most like ‘me’.

Bristol's best coffee at FCP, with Ted Baker. (Image credit: Immediate Media/Joe Branston)
Bristol’s best coffee at FCP, with Ted Baker. (Image credit: Immediate Media/Joe Branston)

Of course in Copenhagen, people just wear clothes on bikes.  The city is stuffed to the brim with bikes and pedestrians and trams and buses.  And the bikes aren’t all flash and sporty, and not moving very fast, and they’re ALL carrying flowers and baguettes and dogs and children and tins of paint and ladders and boxes of pizza. So, in their work clothes, or going-out clothes, people make their way in the rain and snow and chat and text on their phones as they go.
You’ve seen Copenhagen Cycle Chic, right?

Twede and steel bikes by Clifton Suspension bridge.
Twede and classic bikes by Clifton Suspension bridge. (Image credit: Immediate Media/Joe Branston)

Bristol is currently the European Green Capital and I’m personally very much hoping it will become ‘Copenhagenized’ very soon.  In the mean time when I’m in my car, I keep an eye out for riders on bikes – especially those wearing Rapha or Ted Baker.

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