Yellow fields…

Yellow Fields Littlegreenshed blog

April / May / June – these Spring months are truly the best time to see the British countryside. From the first buds to fields of yellow rape flowers… it is breathtakingly beautiful.

On our return home from the crazy cruise weekend, we drove across country through Dorset, Wiltshire and back into Somerset, passing by glorious bright golden fields.  As we drove past another I would call out to Dan to ‘stop the car!’… only to find, we’d zoomed by.

Yellow Fields Littlegreenshed blog

After an hour of me shouting, he finally gave in and pulled up into a lay by just north of Bath.  This field, this field!  Charlie and I leapt from the car, and within minutes we were shoulder deep in yellow blooms.

This boy, oh this boy of mine, he loves to play with his mummy.  Leaping around, hiding in the tall stems and giggling as I snap away at him.  He is so happy being photographed now, so much so that he is now starting to direct me on how the ‘shoot’ will unfold. Sometimes taking the camera from me, to photograph the scene himself. I love it!

Yellow Fields Littlegreenshed blog

I love that he is creative, wild and happy.  No schooling will ever understand how truly amazing this boy is.  His thirst for knowledge, his love of life and boundless energy and love that comes from him.  Yes, he struggles with his spelling, but actually, most of us do, hooray for spell check!

This day, in that yellow field, just me and him – I will remember it forever. Precious.


  • It seems like every field around us is shouting with golden yellow light at the minute. Last night the sun appeared after a huge storm and everything sparkled. The British countryside is just so wonderful!

  • Just beautiful :) these photographs are gorgeous ^.^
    I live in Bath while I study at Uni and we have a massive yellow field that I’m just itching to get into before all the flowers go away v.v I love your notion of just stopping the car to jump in a field and start exploring :)

    Sarah xxo |

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