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Littlegreenshed Blog - Floral arrangement for June

A brand new series for the blog,  I thought it would be nice to share a guide to floral arrangements using cuttings from my own small garden or that I have foraged from hedgerows.

My garden in June is probably it’s best.  Tall spikes of self seeded Foxgloves in shades of pinks and white dominate the front garden, waving in the breeze and brightening up our urban street.  Next to them I have planted pale pink cosmos, which are just coming into flower, and with any luck should bloom until Autumn.  In the back garden I have roses, geraniums, pinky red valerian, purple clematis and highly scented honeysuckle.  Plus masses of foliage from other plants.

So here is how I made this arrangement:

Littlegreenshed Blog - Floral arrangement for June

June’s arrangement:


  • Vintage ceramic urn (you can use any wide container, vase or pot)
  • Cellotape or washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Floral cuttings, whatever you have in your garden


  • Cut the tape to lengths and place across the top of the container in a criss cross pattern, leaving gaps between to push your stems through.  This will allow the arrangement to have height and body – and will stop it from spilling out of the pot.
  • Fill the container with water.
  • Snip your blooms and foliage to the desired lengths, removing any flowers or leaves that would sit below the water, this prevents rotting.
  • Arrange loosely by pushing the stems into the container.  You are looking for a balanced arrangement but still allowing the flowers to fall as they wish.
  • Ensure you have a balance of colour and form – you can go really wild here.
  • Once you are finished place your arrangement where you can admire it – mine is in my bedroom, and don’t forget to take a photo for Instagram #natureinthehome!

Littlegreenshed Blog - Floral arrangement for June

The beauty with this arrangement is that when a flower dies or is starting to droop I can remove it easily and replace it with something else.  Also remember to change the water regularly, this will help the flowers stay alive longer.

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