Mahabis slippers: Instagram worthy

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You know those mornings when there are eggs poaching and sourdough toasting?  Its passed 10am, its drizzling with rain and no one plans on leaving the house any time soon.  The kids are in the colouring ‘zone’ and the mocha pot is bubbling fresh coffee.  All is well with the world, and everything looks Instagram…accept for those god awful slippers you’re shuffling about in. If only the kitchen tiles weren’t so damned cold…

My old slippers are now in the bin. They were incompatible with stairs or wet trips to the wheelie bin and were without question the most frustrating and irritating bits of clothing I’ve ever owned.  Now I’ve got Mahabis (  They’re more like lightweight indoor shoes.  I’ve unwittingly worn them to the school pick up – my old slippers would fly off twice just getting the milk in.  Wool lined, with a little neoprene heel bit, they have a light rubber sole which makes them usable all around the house.  You can also get a removable rubber outer sole, which makes them even more versatile outside.

So nowadays when we have a slow morning, even my feet feel Instagram, and I’m much more patient when stepping on lost Cornflakes.  Life changing.  Highly, highly recommended.

I’m taking them camping, and probably to a few festivals, too.

(Written by Dan)

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