Micro Scooters – family fun & giveaway…


Just taking a look around the park, the school run, or your local high street and you will see children of all ages scooting.  If you were to watch us in the morning on our commute to school, you will see two blonde boys, zooming recklessly down a hill on their scooters, with their red faced, puffed out Mama running madly behind them.  Yeah – arriving at school sweaty and out of breath, them invigorated and hyped.  What I need is my own scooter.  Then I could zoom along with them, enjoying the ride!  What a joy.

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So, when Micro Scooters recently got in touch with the idea of us trying their family scooters, we jumped at the chance.  The boys chose a blue and a red one, and Dan and I chose a black for him and a white for me.  We are in love!  We scoot to school, to the park, have timed races – the boys think it’s hilarious that I’m on a scooter (as I am very slow!).


Micro Scooters have kindly agreed to a little q & a – so you can discover more about them…

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do? 
We are the leading children’s and adults scooter company.  Our award winning, iconic, Swiss engineered and designed scooters have been part of UK families lives for 10 years.  From helping to revolutionise the school run to making the journey to work easier our range of scooters help to make micro journeys fun for all. We first met when our children went to school together and co-founded the company a decade ago although it feels like 5 minutes ago J

Micro Scooters is usually seen as a young child’s scooter, yet you have a range for adults, can you tell us about it?
We started the company because we found the Mini Micro and Maxi Micro scooters changed the way our families’ lives worked.  For us as parents the scooters gave us freedom to actually get out and about with our children.  No buggy tantrums, no tired toddler feet just simple, great outdoor adventures.  We knew if children’s scooters could be used as a tool to make journeys easier and more fun the same could apply to adults making journeys that are too far to walk and too short to drive.  We call them micro journeys and they can be everything and anything between scooting to the station to catch your train to work, using a scooter on the school run with the children, scooting to the shop for that forgotten pint of milk or for weekend family adventures.


Can you tell us some key features of the scooters?
The folding micro scooter was invented by the founder of Micro Mobility Systems – Wim Ouboter.  All our scooters are engineered in Switzerland by him and his team.  His innovation, his pedigree in design and his thirst for technical superiority are what make Micro scooters simply a cut above the rest.  For us and Wim the devil is in the detail.  Which means staying 5 steps ahead of the game in terms of quality of parts, from sourcing and creating new technologies in ball bearings to ensure they are long lasting and make the wheels of the scooter turn more smoothly to making sure the practical details of using a scooter are taking care of. For example our adult scooters have a mud guard which protects your clothing from getting dirty, a kickstand which means the scooter can stand by itself and an easy to use folding mechanism which makes it easy to carry and transport your scooter.

Samantha Cameron was recently spotted scooting on one of your scooters, if you could choose any celebrity to ride one, who would it be and why?
Samantha Cameron is not the only famous adult scooter rider. Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more are fond of a scoot!  So many names on our wishlist…. Mr Obama, the Pope and the Queen would have to be our top 3.


More and more people are looking at a greener and healthier way to commute to work, how would you convince people to scoot instead of drive?
Scooting first and foremost is fun.  It’s a great way to get active (have a look at our Scootercise programme) and like you say is a greener way to get around.  Of course driving has its place but sometimes taking the car is just a bit of a faff.  Petrol, parking, time lost in traffic jams it’s just not the way to do things.  Scooting is free, helps you get to places quicker and….gives you thighs of steel.

Where do you see the Micro Scooters brand growing in the future?
As the inventors of the micro scooters are past, present and future is very much about innovation.  We are proud to have revolutionised the way millions of children get to school, we are thrilled thousands of adults are using a scooter to get around and we are excited to be working on the next innovation for urban mobility.  Coming soon…..

And finally,  where can we buy one?
From our website www.micro-scooters.co.uk Looking forward to seeing you.

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Micro Scooters are kindly giving away four scooters up to the value of £160 each (this can be from the adult or kids range) – offer is open to UK and Ireland residents only.  Don’t forget to get some protective head gear and pads from onlysportsgear.com who also sell sporty clothing too.

All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter widget below.  Giveaway closes on Friday 19th June 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Jonathan Mason

    My girlfriend and I would take her nieces to Greenwich Park

  • Natalie Crossan

    Down Brighton beach :D

  • Natasha Bowler

    We’ve just got a caravan so these would be great to take with us on our adventures.

  • Karis

    Down the park.

  • Samantha Mann

    On the School Run… It would be SO much Fun!

  • Emma

    On our lane

  • maggie riordan

    with the grandchildren on Weston super mare seafrpmt

  • Kerry Bennett

    In the park

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    We are blessed to live in the country and have no bus route or shops so this is super useful.

  • Lisa King

    We would use them for the school run and also for days out at the coast

  • Rida

    Along the Hove prom!! Sea air on my face!

  • Rachel Butler

    At the local parks and maybe along the promenade xo

  • Keith Hunt

    Great to take to Iceland for the long empty roads.

  • Rachel B

    In the lovely park near our home and on holidays

  • Michelle Kitchen

    I would use them in the park.

  • Susan B

    We have some nice wood, flat footpaths locally as well as a super little park.

  • Emma Whittaker

    We always go to the Mannyfold Valley in Derbyshire bike riding so these would also be perfect for this trip :-)

  • Kat Glynn

    The local park, days out, and as much as possible really :)

  • lynn neal

    exploring kettering and the surrounding area!

  • angela sandhu

    In our local park

  • Amanda Johnson

    We are really lucky to have a few local parks and nature walks by us, this would be ideal to take the whole family for strolls on the scooters.

  • Kay Panayi

    In the local park

  • Tracy Newton

    On the school run

  • In the park

  • Vicky Robinson

    We would use them on trips out. It would be great fun to be able to scoot along with the kids and keep up with them! There are loads of places to scoot round me including the local parks.

  • Andrew Tanner

    the park anywhere and everywhere

  • Alexandra McGahey

    We’d use our scooters on holiday in North Wales this Summer and on many park trips back home too!

  • sairz eastham

    at the skate park, we love it there, great fun

  • katrina walsh

    At Ferry Meadows country park near Peterborough which we are lucky enough to live near to


    I would scoot with my grandsons around our local park and show them some tricks and stunts :)

  • Nancy Bradford

    We are going on our first holiday abroad this summer as a family and these would be great for exploring.

  • Jane Middleton

    would go to Pittville Park, Cheltenham

  • Diana

    Out in a park :)

  • michelle hamilton

    our local parks

  • Kristy Brown

    Along the river in Haverfordwest

  • Sarah Robinson

    Along Southend seafront with my boys

  • Gemma Snell

    In the park, to school, anywhere really

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    We’d take them to the park :)

  • Sara Brinkhurst

    I would use the scooters on the school run and also for racing my husband and little girl around at the park!

  • Jenny Barker

    We walk to school every day so would make a change to scoot :0)

  • Kat Allinson

    To get to town, we walk to town a lot and this would be a much more fun way of getting there!

  • jamie banks

    local park x

  • Anthea Holloway

    On the Cattleman Trail in Dorset

  • Donna Caldwell

    Newcastle promenade county down

  • Patricia Avery

    In Clumber Park or Ferry Meadows when we are out and about with the grandchildren :)

  • Vera Bahounkova


  • zjkellett

    I would use the scooters to get to work

  • Jenny

    At our local park

  • Yasmine choudhry

    School run

  • pamela gossage

    I would use them everywhere

  • Cathy O

    Would use the scooters to go round our lovely lake.

  • Daniel Todd

    All around town

  • katherine grieve

    For family fun days out

  • sarah

    where ever and when ever we can :D

  • louise pearson

    We could use them on the school run with the kids and also in the new family skate park close to our house.

  • Barbara madden

    we have a park where we live and they have some lovely paths that the boys could ride their scooters on , they would be no bother to other people has the path leads to no where and all the other children use it

  • Sarah Mills

    along the beach x

  • We would scoot to and from school every. single. day. Whooooshhh!!!

  • steph lovatt

    On the school run

  • sharlene speakman

    me any my son would scoot the dog for a walk and scoot to nursery and back he starts in September we are so excited :D

  • phillip armstrong

    I would use mine to cut my commute to work in half. and for possibly carrying fishing gear

  • Emma Jane Dav

    We have a very large skate park pretty local to us, and I’m sure we’d have lots of fun with the scooters there :)

  • Dawn Henson

    Where I live in York there is a lovely field around the corner which has the grass cut into lanes especially for that purpose so they would be used there.

  • Jenny Jones

    Riding to the park instead of walking :)

  • Chantel L

    I think we could use them everywhere we needed to go locally!

  • Darren Rickerby

    The local park

  • Julia

    To catch up with my boys!

  • Sarah Ballantyne

    We’d use them for the school run and for scooting along the riverside path to get breakfast at our favourite little cafe.

  • Holly Boyd

    We would use them along the seafront on our sunday morning walks.

  • Sarah Bates

    On the school run, in the garden, in the forest, in the house?!

  • debbie davies

    They would be fun to dash along the canal on them! xx

  • C Kennedy

    At our local park!

  • Natelle Cooper

    the kids would use them to play out and go to school and the shops

  • Daniel Stacey

    Taking the kids to school & to the train station for work

  • louise morgan

    To our local,park.shops and while walking the dog it will help me to keep up with her.

  • Harriet Higgs

    At the park and on holiday

  • Rebecca Beesley

    on the school run and round the lake to feed the ducks

  • Suzan byrd

    to scoot everywhere to explore our new area

  • cheryl lovell

    At the local park!

  • Ashleigh Allan

    Down the park!

  • Kristyn Harris

    Along the promenade : )

  • donna l jones

    in the park

  • Gemma Williams

    The beach front/pier

  • Chrissie Curtis

    Everywhere! We would use them around our Village – We would even take them on Holiday for a Zip along the sea front.

  • Leanne Newsome`

    To our village town

  • Jo Carroll

    We would use them out and about every day trying to keep up with our litte dog…who’s got more energy than most so a bit like the Tour de France cyclists needs a ‘support’ vehicle hovering behind him with his own water supply ;)

  • Sarah Lee

    In our local park

  • Janine Bowers Wild

    I would use them on the school run and for weekend adventures!

  • nausheen

    Everywhere ….!!!!

  • Anne

    On the school run and on our trips to Dorset (will definitely get fit tackling the hills!!)

  • Hannah Igoe

    On the school run, out for walks, on the way to park – I am guessing pretty much everywhere!

  • kayleigh white

    We live in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside – so we try to walk where possible, so we would ditch the car and use the scooters!

  • Teresa Lee

    Local park and family days out

  • Mandyjuggler

    Mainly on the school run, also scooting to the swimming pool, park and just generally getting about and having fun!

  • Lisa warburton

    id use them on the nursery and school run and also my daily commute to work

  • stephen holman

    there are lots of lovely parks round us in Yorkshire so we’d go scootering there!! :)

  • Helen

    Down the promenade at the beach to fetch our ice creams !


    in lots of parks that surround our house

  • Katie Aspden

    At our local park, it’s huge with lots of wide paths perfect for scooting :)

  • Lesley Bradley

    around the park

  • hannonle

    in the park

  • Esther

    we have an amazing park near us where we take weekly walks, think we’ll make it a family scoot!

  • CJ

    We are lucky enough to live opposite our local park which we visit every day.

  • Debbi Ruskin

    In our local park :-)

  • claire fawkner


  • I’d use ours on the school run

  • Nancy Fernie

    Around the park

  • katherine s


  • Rosie Mckeown

    Oh, to scoot
    Would be such a hoot!
    To hear the wheels turn
    And the calories we’d burn!
    To arrive at destinations
    Brimful of exhilaration
    And to swoop across streets
    With our hearts missing beats!
    Because riding a scooter,
    Is poetry in motion,
    Let’s all ditch the cars –
    And do the scooter locomotion!!!

  • On the school run

  • Lucy T

    Around the farm to get the cows in for milking!

  • Layla Thomas

    Around our area on Sundays to get us out enjoying the sunshine.

  • Jeannine

    On the school run and to the park x

  • Gregory Tan

    Commute from the train station to work, walking time of 30 minutes would definitely be decreased by at least half or even more!

  • Bethan Sayers

    Off on our holidays to Holland – the little one hasn’t mastered the bike yet so family scooters would be amazing!

  • Amy

    At our local park :)

  • leanne weir

    going to the shops

  • Amanda Blanchard

    I would scoot with my four year old who loves the skate park. He is brilliant and we can bust some moves on the half pipe and scoot there and back! I might be able to keep up!

  • laura antill

    I would use it for taking the little one to nursery x

  • Victoria Turton

    The school run, trips to the park, visit grandparents everywhere

  • Laura Davies

    On the prom at Aberavon sea front

  • Shelbee Lou

    In the supermarket when doing the weekly shop with my Gran…she may even borrow it.

  • Lillian Fisher

    Going to the park and on holiday.

  • For a family race around the velodrome in our local park!

  • ka wing

    Out and about to parks, school run, weekend racing each other, loads of fun

  • Jessica L

    I’d scoot everywhere! I don’t drive, so scooting would make an exciting change from walking or running.

  • brenda heads

    They would be great for when we are all out with our young border collie Ben, he loves running along beside the kids.

  • gemma brown

    on our walks along bournemouth seafront

  • Joanne Leese

    On the school run and to the park.

  • Kristie Scarle

    Along the prom (stopping for ice cream of course)

  • sian hallewell

    we’d scoot around the town park, its huge and fabulous

  • J Mather

    Family fun in the park!

  • Carina Liew

    Everywhere but mainly where we live in the countryside, down lanes, villages and the greens.

  • vicky bourner

    I would use this scooters everywhere! From the school run to trips to the park, to quick runs to the shop for milk!. I’d love to win some for all of us, our daughter has one and has used it everyday for two years and its still in amazing condition despite what she puts it through on a daily basis, I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone x

  • Pippa Mountford

    We would scoot to school and around the park

  • Louise bailey

    I’d use them to get to work and try and shave some time off the half an hour it currently takes me to walk

  • The scooters would be brilliant for the school run, just imagine how quick we could get there

  • Victoria N

    In the hug park across the road from our house!

  • Rachel scott

    Round the river, walking the dog, nursery runs & trips out around town

  • Kirsty Fox

    Everywhere, but they would be great to take to our caravan and scoot along the front at Deal

  • Laura Pyper

    for the school run :)

  • Emma Gibson

    In the park.

  • Fiona Henderson

    everywhere it would be a great thing to have

  • kayleigh Bates

    On the school run x

  • Laura Pritchard

    In our local park.

  • charlotte qualter

    we would use ours to scoot to school everyday and the park x.

  • willandtheo

    Would be great to a scoot along the canal to school and local shops everyday – plenty of fresh air and exercise!

  • at the park xx

  • lyn Burgess

    In the local park

  • kim neville

    Would use going to our local parks

  • stephen wilsonleach

    on our local green way

  • Paula Readings

    Along the seafront with the dog.

  • Suzy M

    At our local park

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Down the local park and the kids could use them in the back garden :)

  • kelly mitchell

    To dance class

  • jennifer thorpe


  • Helen Battle

    anywhere where it is safe and fun

  • debbie hay

    my boys love to take their scooters to school, time for an upgrade!

  • claire nutman

    In the local area where we live x

  • Catherine McAlinden

    Mainly on the school run!

  • trupti dave

    everyday to go school

  • debbie smith

    i would take the kids to delamere forest with these looks fun !!

  • Jo m welsh

    Every where rides to tHe shops or to the park

  • Jen Schofield

    In our local park

  • lindsay chadburn

    out to the park

  • Hayley

    We are very lucky to have a greenery area infront of our house with no road where kids play, I’d love to see the kids out there on scooters

  • Local village, woods, park, anywhere n everywhere no doubt! :)

  • Alica

    We would have a ball in the park!! :D

  • We’d use them here, In Stornoway – for journeys to the small town but mainly to school. I don’t drive at all and this would make the journey much more fun.

  • Mark George

    Along our local coastal path with our young family.

  • Simon C

    We’d go to the park. Looks like great fun!

  • I’d use the scooters as a fun way to get about to anywhere and everywhere as a family this summer!

  • Karen McCrindle

    At the park

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    We would visit the local parks

  • melanie stirling

    On holidays and days out.

  • Fay Smith

    Anywhere we go for adventures :)

  • leigh boyle

    school runs, days out, in the garden the list is endless! x

  • Heather Haigh

    Down to the town and back and on days out

  • Rachael G

    Along the beachfront.

  • maria mair

    The school run, it would be a blessing!

  • Lorna Quarmby

    Where wouldn’t we use them? They look amazing and would hopefully help us get fitter too!

  • Claire Tucker

    They would be perfect to fit in our motorhome and take with us on our travels as we can’t fit all the bikes but could still have great family fun together with these.

  • Arabella Bazley

    In the park

  • justine meyer

    around the park

  • renae

    Would take them to the park for a trial run, but would love to use them on the school run each day

  • Kelly glen

    In the local park.

  • Mark Johnson

    For the school run

  • Alana Walker

    At our local country park, my boys love it there.x

  • Lynne Durkin

    Would put them in the car for when we go out for the day, get around quicker and see more!

  • Susan Jarrett

    scooting between my house and that of my son and family on the other side of the village!

  • marsha richardson

    My son would use it to get to school on and on the skate park near us!

  • Beverley Marsh

    In the local park.

  • Andy Wedge

    We’d take them to The Three Sisters Rec area which would be fab

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    I’d use them in our lovely local parks!

  • Louise Lister

    Around the local parks. Our son has special needs and doesn’t like walking, scooting with the family might get him some much needed exercise!

  • Tracy Hanley

    a day out in the park

  • Karen Lloyd

    We would take them with us in our caravan so that we can use them when we are away in lots of different places.

  • Elizabeth Hinds

    In the park and on the school run :)

  • Laura

    I’d use them to make my friends’ children happy and able to enjoy playing when they come to visit.

  • Anthony Harrington

    over the park and along the sea front

  • Zoe G

    In our local parks

  • tracey ryder

    in the local park


    Everywhere! Especially the school run

  • laura banks

    going to work i would get there a dam sight quicker

  • Steve Carroll

    We have a local park where we could use scooters.

  • clair downham

    on holiday

  • Tina M Holmes

    Everywhere school runs, shopping, days out and holidays.

  • Jayne T

    I’d have fun scooting around my local park with my children.

  • Chris Andrews

    Where would you use your scooters? . . . . . . . . here there and everyewhere

  • Michelle Banks

    i would use it in the park with my grandaughter x

  • iain maciver

    everywhere going to the shops

  • Nina

    my daughter is just about to start pre-school, so we would scoot there.

  • Tracy Nixon

    Along the prom where we live and when we take our dog to the park!