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Just taking a look around the park, the school run, or your local high street and you will see children of all ages scooting.  If you were to watch us in the morning on our commute to school, you will see two blonde boys, zooming recklessly down a hill on their scooters, with their red faced, puffed out Mama running madly behind them.  Yeah – arriving at school sweaty and out of breath, them invigorated and hyped.  What I need is my own scooter.  Then I could zoom along with them, enjoying the ride!  What a joy.

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So, when Micro Scooters recently got in touch with the idea of us trying their family scooters, we jumped at the chance.  The boys chose a blue and a red one, and Dan and I chose a black for him and a white for me.  We are in love!  We scoot to school, to the park, have timed races – the boys think it’s hilarious that I’m on a scooter (as I am very slow!).


Micro Scooters have kindly agreed to a little q & a – so you can discover more about them…

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do? 
We are the leading children’s and adults scooter company.  Our award winning, iconic, Swiss engineered and designed scooters have been part of UK families lives for 10 years.  From helping to revolutionise the school run to making the journey to work easier our range of scooters help to make micro journeys fun for all. We first met when our children went to school together and co-founded the company a decade ago although it feels like 5 minutes ago J

Micro Scooters is usually seen as a young child’s scooter, yet you have a range for adults, can you tell us about it?
We started the company because we found the Mini Micro and Maxi Micro scooters changed the way our families’ lives worked.  For us as parents the scooters gave us freedom to actually get out and about with our children.  No buggy tantrums, no tired toddler feet just simple, great outdoor adventures.  We knew if children’s scooters could be used as a tool to make journeys easier and more fun the same could apply to adults making journeys that are too far to walk and too short to drive.  We call them micro journeys and they can be everything and anything between scooting to the station to catch your train to work, using a scooter on the school run with the children, scooting to the shop for that forgotten pint of milk or for weekend family adventures.


Can you tell us some key features of the scooters?
The folding micro scooter was invented by the founder of Micro Mobility Systems – Wim Ouboter.  All our scooters are engineered in Switzerland by him and his team.  His innovation, his pedigree in design and his thirst for technical superiority are what make Micro scooters simply a cut above the rest.  For us and Wim the devil is in the detail.  Which means staying 5 steps ahead of the game in terms of quality of parts, from sourcing and creating new technologies in ball bearings to ensure they are long lasting and make the wheels of the scooter turn more smoothly to making sure the practical details of using a scooter are taking care of. For example our adult scooters have a mud guard which protects your clothing from getting dirty, a kickstand which means the scooter can stand by itself and an easy to use folding mechanism which makes it easy to carry and transport your scooter.

Samantha Cameron was recently spotted scooting on one of your scooters, if you could choose any celebrity to ride one, who would it be and why?
Samantha Cameron is not the only famous adult scooter rider. Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more are fond of a scoot!  So many names on our wishlist…. Mr Obama, the Pope and the Queen would have to be our top 3.


More and more people are looking at a greener and healthier way to commute to work, how would you convince people to scoot instead of drive?
Scooting first and foremost is fun.  It’s a great way to get active (have a look at our Scootercise programme) and like you say is a greener way to get around.  Of course driving has its place but sometimes taking the car is just a bit of a faff.  Petrol, parking, time lost in traffic jams it’s just not the way to do things.  Scooting is free, helps you get to places quicker and….gives you thighs of steel.

Where do you see the Micro Scooters brand growing in the future?
As the inventors of the micro scooters are past, present and future is very much about innovation.  We are proud to have revolutionised the way millions of children get to school, we are thrilled thousands of adults are using a scooter to get around and we are excited to be working on the next innovation for urban mobility.  Coming soon…..

And finally,  where can we buy one?
From our website www.micro-scooters.co.uk Looking forward to seeing you.

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Micro Scooters are kindly giving away four scooters up to the value of £160 each (this can be from the adult or kids range) – offer is open to UK and Ireland residents only.  Don’t forget to get some protective head gear and pads from onlysportsgear.com who also sell sporty clothing too.

All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter widget below.  Giveaway closes on Friday 19th June 2015.

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