Midsummer flower crowns…

Littlegreenshed midsummer flower crownsThis weekend we spent up on the Mendip hills, arriving at supper time, we cooked a BBQ over a fire.  While Dan and the boys set up camp I made a flower crown for myself, seeing as I didn’t have girls and thinking (quite wrongly) that my sons wouldn’t be interested in such things.


Littlegreenshed blog - midsummer flower crowns 2Oh no, how wrong could I have been.  Soon they were helping me to gather bracken fronds and a pretty tufted flower (which I don’ t know the name of), and wild honeysuckle from the hill top.

Once made, they gladly took it in turns to be the Midsummer king.. gorgeous boys if I say so myself…

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Midsummer flower crown tutorial

(tutorial given originally by Heather of Church Park flowers at Sisterhood Camp)…

You will need:

  • A length of wire (an old wire coat hanger could work here)
  • Green tape (to cover the wire, you don’t have to use this but it makes the finish look nicer)
  • Length of ribbon
  • Thin wire (I used copper wire because I had it to hand)
  • Blooms and foliage, really just use what you have


  • Using the thick length of wire, bend it around your head so it fits the head you are making the crown for.
  • Cover with the tape if you are using, I found that rolling it with my thumb and forefinger helped it cover the wire quickly
  • Bend over each end of the wire to form a loop.
  • Now you can begin to add the flowers.
  • Take small sprigs of whatever like to use, here I took bracken and the white nameless flower?! and then tied it the semi circle by wrapping it tightly round.
  • Starting from one end you want the first sprig to face towards the end of the wire – not towards the wire.
  • Then keep adding sprigs of alternative blooms and foliage in whatever order you fancy, and cover the stems of the previous sprig as you go til you reach the end.
  • Once at the end, add your last sprig the opposite way round and tuck the stems under to hide them.
  • Attach a length of ribbon to the loops and tie it to your head.
  • Voila !


littlegreenshed blog - midsummer flower crowns back

Then all of a sudden it descended into the typical boys that they are… and this happened.  Phew!  And normality was restored!


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