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Roses have me at HELLO. Nodding heads in all colours just do it for me. The start of June, seeing the buds begin to swell and then suddenly front gardens and hedgerows are completely and utterly transformed into a Vermeer’s painting… painterly swathes of frothy blouseyness (I making this word up), June roses are all and everything to me.

I used to be purely a pale pink rose kind of girl, finding the bright coulours a bit twee, but recently I have been seen falling for big brash yellows or the two tone orange and red. ย A pop of orangey peach in a grey painted room is just stunning!

But most of all I love David Austen style roses, double, round and full. ย Pleats and pleats of petals with a heady scent of lemons, strawberries and musk.

Every year, I walk around our local rose garden, breathing in the smell. It is possibly one of the best things to do at this time of year – go find one. ย (shhh and take some snippers for a discrete bud of two!)

Tell me which rose is your favourite?

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  • I never liked roses much. I think it was all the twiggy half-neglected varieties you would see all over London’s parks in years gone by. But then I discovered the climbing rose and boom! Turns out I just needed a bit of foliage and a wild cottage garden look and I was sold. Pale pinks and whites for me. The disconcerting thing is that after many years together and many occasions of me professing my love of tulips, spring flowers, anything that looks like it came from a haphazard cottage garden or a wildflower meadow, my husband still only buys me flowers at the obligatory times of the year and only the ubiquitous red roses. So I do a very good fake ‘I love roses’ face now!

  • Roses are always so pretty! I love the pale yellow ones or the white ones.

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