Sisterhood Camp 2015…

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I feel forever changed by the events of last weekend. I know this sounds dramatic, but it is true. Something special happened in those Devon fields and I shall never ever forget it.

Sisterhood was born out of wanting to connect with like minded souls, to collaborate creatively and find my true tribe, my SISTERS.  And I did, we did,  all twenty-five of us, left on Sunday morning feeling that something truly magical had happened.


Being a blogger, it is my role to create beautiful content to share on social media.  Social?  It is actually quite laughable, as I feel my job is anything but ‘social’.  Sitting at my kitchen table most days, tapping away at my laptop. It is a lonely life. I needed to connect, to reach out to people and get back to nature.


Guest list set, I invited twenty-five brilliant women to join me in a weekend of workshops, feasting and laughter.  Luckily, they all said yes, and kindly offered help in workshops, styling and support – in the true spirit of collaboration.  My heart was full.

These twenty-five women, most of whom I had met at a blogging event or two over the years.  A few hours of rushed conversations before running to catch trains and heading back to our families. There was never enough time to fully connect.

Now, they were here, at Loveland Farm in North Devon, with a weekend stretching out before us, conversations to have, giggling like schoolgirls at bedtime, whispering secrets of our past and planning collaborations in our future.

It was bliss.

Connecting, collaborating, offering advice, inspiration and love with open hearts.  It truly was, is, a beautiful thing.

hannah hair

Friday night saw the countryside bathed in the most gorgeous golden light, knowing immediately this was the right time for the Toast shoot, we gathered up linen nighties and kantha gowns and walked the pretty lanes to find the perfect field, gathering hedgerow blooms as we walked.

What happened next could only be described as ‘stuff of dreams’ – well my dreams anyway.  We were living in Instagram.  The light, the company, the collaboration all coming together to form a perfect evening – I shall never forget it.  Permanently etched on my mind.  A big thank you to Xanthe Berkeley for directing the most beautiful of shoots… you can see more of this on the Toast Travels blog soon.


shibori shibori 3 shibori 2

During the weekend we were treated to many workshops, yoga, shibori, leather craft, flower crown making – gorgeous food and sunshine!  Yes the sun shone!  Golden light making everything dance with magic.


Saturday morning, we woke early, and Melanie took us through the most relaxing yoga session, feeling so chilled afterwards, we all vowed to stretch more!  The perfect way to wake up, the SISTERS, yoga and sunshine in Devon.

After breakfast we all gathered on the lawn to discover the ancient Japanese art of shibori – folding and dying of fabric with indigo. Heather and Bethan – shared their tips, and soon we were folding fabric in the sun.  After an hour in the Indigo, the fabric was revealed and hung on the line to dry.  The result was incredible, such prettiness!

belts belts 2

The next workshop was run by local leather crafts woman, Louise of Golden Bear Belts. Lou, draped in gold, was a sight be seen.  Sitting on the deck of the larger pod, she shared with us her techniques.  Soon we were all sitting together making leather cuffs, hammering marks and letters into them with gusto.


Lunch – a picnic set on top of the cliffs overlooking Hartland Quay.  The dramatic coastline was made even more beautiful with the arrival of a folk duo (woof & wilde) who serenaded us as we ate. Kismet, when universes collide, a chance meeting – and perfectly Sisterhood.

The afternoon was filled with flowers and collaboration.  Some of the group walked to the nearby waterfall for a spot of wild swimming, whilst others created flower crowns to wear at dinner.  Heather of Church Park Flowers, kindly bought jars of greenery from her garden, and we all delighted in creating beautiful crowns.  Some were larger than others – what was I thinking!

Flower crown images by the brilliant Xanthe Berkeley
Flower crown images by the brilliant Xanthe Berkeley
Beautiful Karen (thislittlecorner) Flower crown images by the brilliant Xanthe Berkeley

Saturday evening, as the dusk fell and the rain set in, we gathered in the large pod.  A beautiful space styled by the brilliant Hannah Bullivant.  Festoons of lights, tables draped in gorgeous linens and jars of greenery decorated the tables.


Each place setting was laid a small buff coloured box, inside a foragers necklace for each SISTER made by the talented Emma Mitchell. It was breathtaking.  A delicious Moroccan feast was served by Two Birds Kitchen and there we sat until the wee hours, talking, laughing and making many many memories.


boxnight 2

So that was SISTERHOOD – my dream came true.  My heart is full, my mind is brimming with ideas and most of all I have made true friends with these brilliantly creative and talented women, my tribe, my SISTERS!

Watch it here: (filmed by the insanely talented Xanthe Berkeley)

SISTERHOOD CAMP 2015 from xanthe berkeley on Vimeo.

Sisterhood – to support, nurture and share creativity.

The antithesis of the everyday competitive world.

Plans are hatching for next year – if you would like to join us please sign up for our newsletter.

Special thank you to Loveland Farm for hosting, your pods are wonderful – they are now available to book for holidays this Summer.  To Toast for sponsoring us and giving us pretty things to play with.  Thank you to Hannah for you support and organising so much!   Thank you to Cathy for designing such beautiful invitations and to Laura for being awesome as always and driving me home!  Thank you to Dan – for everything! And for all of those who donated things, time and energy into making this possible.  Also huge thanks to the SISTERS without you all and your brilliant awesomeness this would have never been possible.  YOU ROCK!

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