Take a Solo Trip at Least Once in Your life…

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Last week I went on a solo trip overnight to Dorset – yes I know, so exotic! But, for me, it was a big deal. Not knowing a single soul, far from the comforts of my home and away from my boys.

I took the train from Bristol to Wareham, and had three hot hours to ponder why I was going.  I went through all the silly scenarios in my head, of never seeing my boys again to everyone being weird.  Yeah – I was that nutter on the train trying not to have a panic attack. 

But, it was fine, I was fine. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and had a blast. The people were incredible, interesting and fun, I tasted strange foods (sea shore foraging) and had a thoroughly brilliant time. I could have easily cancelled the whole thing – I am so glad I didn’t.

So it has got me thinking about solo trips in the future.  Now and when the boys have flown the nest… how fun would that be.

Saga offer such getaways, specially designed for solo trips away.  Not necessarily because you have to go alone, but more because you want to. And why not!  A chance to explore new things, places and push the bravery button.

Perhaps a trip on a plane next…. where to go!?

This post was written in collaboration with Saga Holidays.

Lou Archell, a writer, photographer, stylist and founder of Littlegreenshed.  A UK lifestyle & travel blog

Lou is also a busy mum of two amazing boys and the founder of Sisterhood Camp – an annual creative retreat for recharging and empowering brilliant ladies, Lou is passionate about supporting and inspiring others whether through her workshops, writing, photography or lifestyle hacks.

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