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I fell in love this stunning courtyard whilst in Barcelona.  It’s the restaurant area of our hotel, Hotel Brummel.  The white wire chairs and marble table tops.  The rough bricked floor, large black planters with huge banana plants and that concrete wall – all of it, designed in perfect harmony.

Since returning home my own urban back yard felt cramped, messy and in need of an uber cool makeover.  Can I pull this look off in Bristol?  Hmmm, I dunno, but it’s worth a shot.  I know I don’t have Barcelona temperatures, and outside it is currently tipping down with rain, but I can take elements of this look and use them.

Facing the house we have a large shed, Dan’s shed, of which I am going to clad in with wood and paint it black.  My parents have a pile of Edwardian bricks in their garden from their own renovations, which we shall use to pave the floor.  Then onto the fun bits.  Plants and furniture.

I adore the wire furniture of Hotel Brummel and I’ve been looking around for something similar, coming across these cheap alternatives.  Not white, but the orange might look great against the black wooden shed.  Asda have a huge range of beautiful, stylish and reasonably priced outdoor furniture at the moment.

So, when we return from France in August – the garden is going to be made over!  Exciting!  I can’t wait!

Thank you to Asda for supporting Littlegreenshed with this post.

  • Can’t wait. Michael and I are going in September for our wedding anniversary. So excited. I’m thinking of tapas, red wine and food markets.

    Loving this post, it’s making me want to go right now!! Elinor xx

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