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A few weekends ago I was invited to try my hand at calligraphy.  My favourite shop, 19 Alexandra Road in Clevedon,was running  a workshop After expressing my keen interest in learning hand lettering I jumped at the chance to join them.

The workshop run by Athena of Meticulous Ink in Bath, was a gentle, relaxing way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning.  We all gathered around a table at the back of the shop, each itching to make marks on the lined calligraphy paper.


Athena, showed us how to load up the quill with ink and to make our first marks on the paper.  At first I found using the quill scratchy and not as flowing as I would have liked. But as we worked through the alphabet, the pressure on the nib and learning how to hold the quill and slant the paper – it eventually became a joy.


Two hours in, and the ladies around the table were so engrossed in writing that none of us wanted to leave!


I am completely hooked by hand lettering and practice most days at home.  Watch this space for letters and words popping up on this blog in the future.

For more information on workshops at 19, please have a look at their website.

Thank you to Becky and Victoria for inviting me along, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Wow, you made such progress in only two hours. I’d love to learn to do calligraphy. I just found your blog from Design Sponge and love it. I met my husband at uni in Bristol and have so many fond memories of the city. x

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