Travel – Barcelona – Looking up….

barcelona streets 1 - littlegreenshed blogThis weekend I spent most of my time with my face raised to the sky.  Looking up at all the beautiful buildings, flats and balconies in Barcelona.  Such beauty was to be found in the simplest of streets, drying sheets wafting in the breeze and where black party dresses hung out alongside burros tail plants and potted geraniums.

barcelona streets 2 - littlegreenshed blog barcelona streets 4 - littlegreenshed blog barcelona streets 3 - littlegreenshed blogI of course, took way too many photographs, seeing the beauty in interesting architecture or how the light caught a net curtain as it flapped in the warm Spanish breeze.  The small alleyways, courtyards and twisting lanes of the Gottic quarter, to me, was the most interesting.  Street so narrow that neighbours could stand on their balconies and share their day with each other in conversation.

barcelona streets 8 - littlegreenshed blog

barcelona streets 5 - littlegreenshed blog

Caged birds tweeting and dogs barking as we passed by.  Televisions turned up too loud.Spanish.

barcelona streets 6 - littlegreenshed blog barcelona streets 7 - littlegreenshed blogOrnately decorated façades echoing back to the days of old, to Christopher Columbus and the riches that this City once had.  But to me, the most beautiful of buildings were the ones which literally dripped with plants (yes I am that nerd who points out plant species loudly to no one in particular).  This is the one… I would live here, that rubber plant is magnificent!

barcelona streets 9 - littlegreenshed blogOh Barcelona, I have fallen hook line and sinker in love with you.  I need to live a bohemian life there, drinking wine and sitting on balconies listening to loud Spanish music…. one day.

What we loved:

  • Balconies dripping in plant life
  • Cool narrow lanes, giving relief from the sun
  • Nipping in and out of tapas bars in the gotic quarter
  • Gin mare – with basil not lemon
  • Street art



  • Well, nineteen years ago (gosh! That long ago!) I was lucky enough to live in that wonderful city for a whole year. I loved it and still do! Also, I met my husband there which makes it extra special. We used to busk along Las Ramblas in between teaching classes! Such amazing and dear memories of this thrilling city. Like you, one day, we hope to return for good.

    • Hi Marta – no I didn’t – at least I don’t think I did. We did a lot of walking so I could have walked through it without knowing. It is so beautiful there.

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