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I love writing Littlegreenshed, it’s my third baby! Giving birth to it in 2010 and nurturing, growing and loving it like one of my boys (although LGS is firmly a girl!) – anyway, you get the picture.  This blog is my heart, my creative expression, my voice and also in recent years my profession.

Last year I became freelance, writing about Lifestyle, Travel and Interiors, giving up my little part-time job to focus fully on this blog.  Since doing so it has led me on a wonderful journey, working with some incredible publications, brands and people.  This past year has been a whirlwind of fantastic, and I am looking forward to the future.

I often get approached by small independent shops and craftspeople to see if I can help in providing a little PR and Marketing on here. This can involve product placement on Instagram, a blog feature / interview or via Pinterest.  But not everyone is happy with those ideas and would prefer just a simple advert on the side of the blog.

A couple of years ago I did offer this, but I couldn’t find the time to monitor it (with Rufus still at home and I was working part-time) – so sadly, back then, I took the decision to remove side bar ads.

Until now.  Now is a GREAT time for me, and hopefully for you too!  With an average of 35,000+ pageviews a month Littlegreenshed is brilliant way of getting seen.  So if you are interested then please do head over to the sponsor page to find out more.  (apologies the pricing is in US$, as the platform I use to deal with the ads is based in the US).

Just click on the banner size you would like, and follow the steps.  Payment is via Paypal and is for 30 days.  Ad’s will show up in the sidebar over there <<< under SPONSORS – so you will get pride of place on the blog!

So what are you waiting for?  I can’t wait to have you on board!

  • Hurray! Great move. I’m really happy with Passionfruit – well worth the monthly fee to skip all the coordination, email and faffing! & I agree, LGS is most definitely a girl :) x

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