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I couldn’t resist these beautiful fluffy pink roses by @ridasj

If I hadn’t of picked these as this weeks favourite I would have been a fool.  LOOK AT THEM! Truly, truly stunning.  Like a painting (I know I always say that), but these really do!  I love how dear Rida has styled them perfectly in that rustic earthenware jug, against rough hewn wood and the light! The light just sets those pink beauties off to the max.  I love ALL and EVERYTHING about this photo.  Thank you Rida.  Thank you to everyone who continues to join me each week with nature in the home, it’s the best!

So, today marks the end of school this year for my two boys.  Hurray!  I couldn’t be happier.  Seven weeks of my three amigos (well Dan does have to work a bit of it) – but us guys, together all day… I love it! (check back with me next week and ask me this again, I am sure the novelty would have worn off by then).

Tomorrow we are off to Devon for the weekend. Escaping the City and staying on a farm.  You can follow our adventures in Instagram as always.

So, what are you looking forward to this summer?

  • Ahhh such a lovely photo
    I welcome the change of pace that the holiday brings and a different routine
    Looking forward to a visit to the coast at the end of August (I love the sea)
    Have a wonderful Summer xx

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