Week 28 // Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…

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An enviable collection by @vanillalemoncake

This!  This one picture really sums up why is started #natureinthehome.  This and of course plants and flowers!  All aspects of nature. Little pretty collections of nature, feathers, shells, pebbles, little pieces of nature, all kept and loved and carefully curated.  No I am not suggesting you collect birds eggs, but if you find a small broken hatched shell, well what treasure!!!

This amazing collection is by Vanillalemoncake – and I am quite envious!  I must gather my little treasures together and take a few snaps.

Over on Instagram you will find this weeks favourite collection.  Such a varied and colourful selection this week.  Thank you to everyone who joins me week after week.  Long may it continue, Nature in the Home is now in it’s FOURTH year!  Amazing.