Wing it – a spontaneous weekend in Barcelona…


When I was younger, life was all about spontaneity, a chance meeting with a friend on the way home from work, then could lead to a mad night out, or trip to another country!  Yes, I have done that, on a whim got a boat to another island.    As I have grown older, become a mother, those ideas of spontaneity have dimmed somewhat.  A spontaneous adventure nowadays would be taking the bbq to the local park for tea, or ordering a takeaway pizza.  But those days are behind me, those madcap, fly by the seat of my pants kind of days are gone, or are they?

Time Out London challenged me to be spontaneous this weekend, to #wingit, of course I leapt at the chance. Keeping the location secret (I was wishing for a European City) only giving me a few lines of a brief which were: Bear hug the unknown – find a local design/art gallery. Roll the dice and find a lesser known photography/experimental related exhibition. Scare yourself silly – find some amazing street art that had a dark undertone to it, all with a art and design point of view.

Where was I going?  Whilst most people were still sleeping, this morning, I jumped on a plane to Barcelona. All very last minute, just throwing a few things into an overnight bag.  Crazy! For a meticulous planner like myself, the idea of not booking a hotel at least two months before a trip is simply bonkers.

geraniumsSo here I am , 9am (UK time) standing outside Barcelona airport, without a clue where to stay. Using the app I used my phone and found hundreds of beautiful hotels.  Using the filters I could select the style and type of place, from boutique to apartments. It was so easy to use, the room ratings gave us an idea of what was in our budget.  Part of my brief was choose a hotel with rating of 8.5 or higher, and there were plenty to choose from.hotel brummel room

Finding the newly opened Hotel Brummel is a small local suburb of Barcelona in the foothills of the Montjuic park, with only 15 minutes walk to the centre.  It was perfect.  It was love at first sight.  Booking was a breeze, just clicking on to book, confirmation was taken – and I was on my way!

Now we are off out to explore this beautiful city!  More of that later…


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