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Pinterest - styling all in the details - littlegreenshedBeing a blogger, a home maker and wanna be stylist (in my dreams but I like to try) I have an obsession with little details.  I think being addicted to Instagram, and seeing incredible feeds daily who just get it right.

Feeds like Beth’s, Sara’sJulia’s and Marte’s have got me fussing over the tiniest details, the light and how things look on camera.  Making decisions about where things are placed in my home and also how I style and shoot my own blog posts and instagram feed.

I was lucky enough to attend both of Marte’s talks at Blogtacular this year.  I eagerly sat at the front and soaked up every little word she said.  This woman, to me is incredible.  Her, her work, her photography  – all.  One thing she did say that really stuck with me was, there are no rules! – There!  Just like that, the myth of styling for a photograph broken.  Do what you like.

And so, for further inspiration I have found myself pinning to a board called – Styling – all in the details.  Because to me it is, the devil is in the detail.  Or in some cases, the lack of it.  Marvelling at the light, the use of empty negative space, a muted colour palette.  All of which I am trying to master.  One day.  For now I am happy learning from the best, and maybe a little of their magic will rub off on me.

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  • Loved this little article, styling is the most important, and so much to learn, and so interesting! Beautiful IG accounts there too that you linked to. X

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