Dreaming of log cabins…

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Log cabin image source: Siousca

I have often mentioned on here my love of log cabins, treehouses and glamping.  Weekly I probably say to Dan ‘I wish I had a little cabin to go to’… ah one day.  I love em, I suppose the clue is in the name – this girl loves a shed!

But when I say shed, I don’t mean a place to store tools and terracotta pots (although that does sound nice, but not to sleep in!) I refer to a place that is rustic, folkish and woodlandy (made up word) on the outside, but inside – inside I want a touch of luxury.

Outside bird song, inside a good bed and an awesome bath.  Outside hot tub, inside cosy fire. There are many tree houses, waterside sheds or log cabins, such as those provided by Tor Farm, that combine both the outdoors with luxury accommodation, my kind of place.  After a hard day exploring the woodlands, trekking across the moors or surfing what is needed is somewhere to unwind and relax.  A little place of my very own.

This girls castle is a cabin!

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