#IBA15 Awards, a vote for me?


This week has been a bit hard for me, so far.  Let me rewind a couple of weeks, when I had a small accident in the car.  I was sitting at the traffic lights and a guy drove up the back of me, with quite a force.  The back of the car was smashed in and I was thrown forward.

So, because of the accident for the past few weeks I have been receiving physio.  Horrible hard pressured physio in my back and shoulders.  So hard it hurts and makes me cry.  I’ve been going twice a week and after my session I feel whacked.

I’ve been having mum guilt that the school holidays are boring as I’m too sore to do anything, and to top it all I have two periods this month. I can’t help thinking that all of this is connected somehow.

Anyway, long story short.  I’ve been feeling really rather sorry for myself this week, so when the email arrived in my in box saying I have been nominated for an award, it brightened my day.  I have been nominated in the #IBA15 awards, under the category ‘Best Design Inspiration Blog’ – oh wow!  Thank you!

Voting has now opened so if you feel like it you can vote for me, or any of the other brilliant blogs nominated, from now until September.

My page is here: Thank you! xx


  • congratulations on being nominated.
    So sorry to hear of your accident. If you’re finding physio a struggle with the hard pressure, you may want to try something lighter. I know I’m biased, as I am a practitioner myself, but why not investigate Emmett Technique – see http://www.emmett-uk.com for information and where to find your nearest practitioner.
    Love Maria’s comment – being over 50 ( way over!) my mother wasn’t expected to entertain me over the summer holidays – we just went out to play or go to the open-air pool. The level of parent supervision was pretty much nil! Different times, eh!

  • Sorry to hear you’re feeling like this. I feel the guilt too due to exhaustion caused by MS. . Because our kids end up spending so much time indoors it falls to parents to create special memories. More stress. Bet our parents didn’t feel this pressure to give out kids super exciting fun filled holidays though

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