Keeping sane during the holidays…

littlegreenshed blog - keeping sane in the holidays

We all know that whining voice when it says ‘I’m bored’ – BORED?!  Seriously!  With everything that my two have and do over the holidays, I am outraged when they still sometimes say it.  Even after our recent trip to London, they had the audacity to say they were bored! Hmmm!

I wish I could take the entire six weeks off and spend it with my kids, but sadly I can’t, I have to work and pay the bills.  So knowing that there will be days when I’m sat at the table working, and they will have to find something to occupy themselves.  The word BORED, does wind me up! Argh!

When it does happen I have something up my sleeve.  Over the past few months I have been squirrelling away interesting little things, inexpensive, but fun items that are perfect boredom busters.

Such as colouring books, top trumps packs, word searches, and a remote controlled mini helicopter (yes a little more money than the others, but so much fun!).  Charlie is a gadget geekanything that he can build, re-build, drive or control, he loves it.

This tiny little helicopter has been whizzing around my head for the past few days, chopping off leaves off any plant and causing mayhem (in my eyes) and utter joy in theirs.

If you don’t want chaos reigning when it is raining outside (see what I did there?) then stick to colouring books – but if you want to hear laughter and kids having the best time – get one!

Right now, they are watching scrap heap challenge with this little helicopter whizzing around the lounge – and I’m tapping away here in relative ‘peace’.

So how do you keep yourself sane during the school holidays?

This is a collaborative post.

All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.