Saving a little money for December…

Christmas - littlegreenshed blogOk, so how am I going to discuss saving for that day in December, without mentioning the C word.  Here’s how…

There are only (god am I about to say it, it’s August for goodness sake) four months until that big day.  I usually don’t start thinking about buying gifts until November, but that was when I was earning a steady monthly wage from my part-time job.

Now I am freelance, I have to think ahead and save a little each month.  I know – check me being oh so grown up!

Most of my adult gifts, for Dan, my parents etc, I tend to buy from small makers or independent shops, like my good friends Decorates Notes and The Future Kept.  But for the boys, they want TOYS and DS Games – I can’t get those fairly traded.  So where do I go?

I recently discovered vouchacodes which shares a list of top high street companies and deals they have to offer.  For example: Toys R US, Argos and the Book People.  So when I see there is a good deal on, 25% off something – boom!  It’s bought, and squirrelled away for the big man in red to put in his sack.

Tell me, how do you prepare for the squeeze on your wallet come December?

This post was written in collaboration with Vouchacodes.

Without posts like these, this blog would not be able to continue.


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