Sleep issues and discovering This Works…

please workIf you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about feeling under the weather and not sleeping at all well.  Lack of sleep is my biggest nemesis, working too late on the laptop, then still thinking about work when I hit the sheets.. we all know the scenario.

After my moan, many people gave brilliant advice such as to drink a sleep inducing tea or to turn off all devices a few hours before bed, which I must admit is really a good tip.  One person in particular, Jo Heckadon, recommended I try the ‘deep sleep’ range from a company called This Works.  

In desperation I would try anything!  The four deep sleep items arrived beautifully packaged, I couldn’t wait to try them.

The deep sleep plus pillow spray is my favourite.  Smells of lavender with a hint of patchouli, it is heavenly.  So now each night I spray my pillow a few times and lay day for a deep and restful sleep.

The balm and moisturiser are fabulous for rubbing on hands and temples in the evening to encourage sleep to come… perfect for a little massage too.

If you are having trouble sleeping – I highly recommend the deep sleep range.  Best thing ever!.