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Hey there!

How are you all?  Hope you are well?  I’m sitting here this morning with the rain lashing down, still in my pyjamas I might add, with achey legs and a happy heart.  This weekend was a good un.  We travelled up to London, taking the boys on their first ever trip to the big smoke and the sun SHONE!

I will share more details of it soon, with a proper review of the hotel and what we got up to.  But right now I just wanted to say hi.

Over the weekend I have had a chance to really think about the blog, and how it is now.  Five years ago it really was a family journal, but along the way with press requests and sponsored posts, the family life element of the blog has fallen off.  Sadly, I had to step up as money earner and make this blog pay when Dan was made redundant, but now I feel I need to get LGS back on track.

I hope to rectify this, with reintroducing my monthly manifesto, and to tell you how my weekend was, good or bad.  To show snapshots of our every day life.  I hope you will still join me on my blogging journey, and I hope I haven’t bored you to tears!

So here are a few things that happened over the weekend:

  • we saw Buckingham palace
  • Pelicans in St James Park
  • Free beer on Carnaby Street
  • Got hot and sweaty in Hamleys
  • Ate street food on the South Bank
  • Filmed instalments of the ‘Taylor Bros’ – a project that Dan and the boys are doing
  • Waved at people on boats on the Thames
  • Saw dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum (Ru got so scared at the T-Rex)
  • Lost his DJ BBQ cap in the NHM :(
  • Walked for miles
  • Saw one of the midwives from Call the Midwife
  • Ate too many sweets

There – a little snapshot!  Fingers crossed we get his cap back – only had it a week! :(

ru dj bbq


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