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One of the many places I have on my ‘Travel Bucket List’ is Sicily, with it’s food, beaches and Italian history. But, not only the beaches make Sicily beautiful and attractive, it is actually a haven for those who enjoy the wonders of nature, making it a perfect place for green tourism . It is recommended to book your accommodation in advance, checking sites like to find the most suitable holiday home with a breathtaking view.


Here are a few alternatives to the beach, to make the trip epic…

  1. Mount Etna. The Etna Regional Park is open for volcano excursions. You can hire a guide to go up the slope and enjoy the panorama below. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see lava pools up close or if possible, to be near the crater?
  2. The Vendicari Nature Reserve. This is a wet zone where you can have the opportunity to watch migratory birds. Also large species of birds call this place home, such as herons and wild ducks. You can hike the southern and northern areas on marked trails. At the same time, you can visit the wetlands and lagoons.
  3. Madonie Mountains. You can appreciate Sicily’s beautiful green scenery while learning about the varied botanical species thriving in the area. Depending on weather conditions, you can hike, horse-back or bike around.
  4. Cava Grande del Cassibile. This is a lush nature reserve that is distinctive due to the presence of canyons carved out by the Cassibile River. Here you can find a spectacle of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.
  5. Pantalic and the Anapo Valley Reserve. There are a good number of animals and plants that thrive in this area. Some animals include buzzards, eagles, foxes and a number of birds and reptiles. The vegetation is comprised by maquis, black and white poplars, willows, and fragrant underwood, to name some.
  6. Parco Dello Zingaro. This is home to a wide range of vivid wildlife that include kestrels, falcons, golden eagles, owls as well as a good number of mammals, reptiles and amphibians.
  7. Parco Fluviale dell’Alcantara This is a gorgeous basalt park which is great for hiking adventures. In the area you can take advantage of visiting charming villages and castle ruins and perhaps engage in some agritourist activities. You can also have some adventure in the gorges.
  8. Parco Naturale dei Nebrodi. If you enjoy biking and hiking, visit these large woodland areas and maybe even have a picnic. It is also rich in flora and fauna.
  9. The Hyblaean Mountains. Characterized by deep canyons, white limestone rocks and sharp valleys, you can go hiking to enjoy the scenic landscape and see karsts caves.
  10. The Sicanian Mountains. If you enjoy horseback riding, this is a good destination. While there are not many forests in this area, you can enjoy passing through agricultural areas or finding orchids. This is also ideal for trekking and cycling enthusiasts.

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  • A friend at work just came back from Sicily and said it was wonderful. I don’t think I imagined it would be as nature filled but it sounds wonderful and is definitely on my list of places to visit at some point.

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

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