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This months latest Pinterest craze for me is food!  Pinning warming hearty dishes to fill cold hungry bellies.  I have a board dedicated to these.  From soups to Goan curries, roasted pumpkins to plum crumbles.  mmmmm perfect dishes to come home to after a walk in the woods.

Oh that reminds me to dust off my slow cooker and bring this back into action.  Casseroles, stews, soups and more can be cooked slowly all day.  There is nothing better than walking in through the door and smelling supper ready.  YAY!  I can see a whole new pinboard on the horizon featuring just slow cooker recipes.

What are your favourite winter dishes?  Please tell me or share your recipe favourites with me on Pinterest by clicking the arrow button and sharing it with me!  Are we following each other? I hope so.

If you fancy pinning along with me you can find more winter food inspiration here:

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