Home – it feels good to be back…

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We are home!  Slipping back into England yesterday afternoon, after being away for 16 days.  The longest time the boys have been away from home, and the longest time we have spent together as a family (all in one go).

There have been ups and downs, arguments, niggles, bickering, sleepless nights – but most of all there has much much laughter!  Laughing so so hard at my wild, silly, boys.  Making up songs, and bonkers Franglaise phrases, laughing at road signs (those French are rude).  Brocante hunting, trying new foods, wild swimming and plenty of hugging and loving!

Over the next few days I will try to unravel our journey in my head, edit my millions of images and put together a few blog posts here for you.

But in the meantime – hi!  We are home. We had the most wonderful time.  You can see snippets of our road trip here.