Keeping the Cost of Maintaining a Bike Down…

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As you know as a family, we are quite keen on bikes. My other half Dan has had a long love affair with cycling and recently he converted me and the kids to this mode of transport.

Now that we have four cyclists in the family, keeping all of our bikes in good working condition is important. For the most part running a bike is very cheap. There is no fuel to worry about bikes only need the occasional service or repair to remain reliable. However, if you are not careful costs can get still out of control and end up making a dent in the family budget, so I thought a post about how to keep the cost or running a bike down would be useful for you all.

Check your bike regularly

The first tip is to check your bike each week. Check the tyre pressure, spin the wheels to make sure that they are not warped, and look for wobbly or bent spokes. For the sake of safety, check the lights and brakes. If you see any issues rectify them immediately. Leaving things will only lead to problems that are more serious. For example, loose spokes can spring out while you are riding resulting in a wrecked wheel, and, potentially causing you to have an accident. With bikes, a stitch in time really does save nine.

Do your own servicing and repairs

Most of the cost of maintaining a bike occurs when you service it or something needs to be repaired. If you can learn how to carry out these simple tasks yourself. It is easy to find and buy good quality bike parts online. Just be sure to buy from an established and trusted supplier to ensure that you are buying genuine parts rather than cheap copies that will break in no time at all. Once you have the parts there are plenty of good YouTube videos out there to show you the basics, so learning to look after your bike yourself is not difficult.

Don’t skimp on safety kit

So far this page has been all about keeping the cost of cycling to a minimum, but there is one area where you need to be careful about penny pinching and that is safety. It is very important to have good lights, reflective clothing, gloves and a helmet when riding a bike.

Unfortunately, all of this stuff costs a lot of money, but I think it really is worth investing in good quality gear and buying it from a proper cycling supplier. This is because if you just buy the cheapest kit it is inevitably going to let you down, which could ultimately end up in your losing your life or suffering a serious injury.

There are numerous reports of cyclists suffering serious head injuries or dying because they were wearing fake bike helmets, which broke in an accident. Genuine safety helmets are not cheap, but they are an essential investment that could save your life one day.

Follow these tips and enjoy riding your bike without having to spend too much.

This is a collaborative post.