#LetGo with Sanctuary…

Image by Xanthe Berkeley taken at Sisterhood
Image by Xanthe Berkeley taken at Sisterhood

We have all been there.  A to do list as long as our arm. Home life, work commitments, juggling family and friends… it seems never ending.  In a recent survey carried out by Sanctuary, 12 million women today are feeling close to burn out.  It is a worry statistic and one I can completely understand, as I have often felt this way, and I know many of my friends have mentioned it too.

We are all trying so hard to be perfect.  A good mother, wife, boss.  Loose weight, get fit, look good, eat well, read with our kids, home educate, succeed etc etc etc – EXHAUSTING!

One of my reasons behind starting SISTERHOOD was to allow women to relax, to unwind in a natural setting.  To take the strain of everyday life off their shoulders.  To slow down and start enjoying simpler things like the stars, wild flowers in the hedgerow, laughing with new found friends and learning new skills, such as flower arranging, Shibori dying and photography.

Since SISTERHOOD there has been an outpouring of positive energy for the need of this kind of movement.  A place for a woman, to be in the company of other like-minded women.  Not as a mother, wife, lover, sister, daughter or colleague – but as themselves.  A chance for them to #LetGo of the every day worries and strains.

Sanctuary are campaigning for women to #LetGo.  To take a moment in time to be you.  To breath out, relax and enjoy the moment.  Have a look at their film, it explains all:

So, this weekend, forget the to do list. Leave your phone behind and step out with your loved ones – enjoy the moment, #LetGo.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Sanctuary.

All words and opinions are my own.