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A few weeks ago I was contacted by my dear friend Sara, with an idea.  She had been discussing ways to showcase the work of the designer Nadinoo and had a brainwave.  Why not ask her favourite bloggers / instagrammers to style and photograph a dress.  A travelling dress, which wound its way from person to person. Each wearing, loving, photographing this pretty item – and each time weaving their own piece of history into it.

Of course I said yes, but then was instantly worried of what I was committing too.  Such greatness were the photographers that she picked that I felt there must be some mistake – why on earth pick me!  GAH!  The stakes were high, especially after seeing how beautiful Sara looked in it on her own blog.

It was my turn to take the baton, so to speak, which also coincided with my roadtrip to France. Nervously I packed the dress into my suitcase and wondered how on earth I would style this precious item.  Packing it was a fantastic idea.  The dress is made of soft chambray denim which will only get better and look more ‘lived in’ with age and wear.  Loose, natural fibres, made it the perfect thing to slip on those hot muggy days.

So, on those said sweaty days, I didn’t much feel like being photographed.  Usually red faced, sweating and my hair scraped back – not the ideal photographic model did I make.  How on earth was I supposed to look serene in a field of sunflowers, in 40c heat and battling against wasps. NO!  I tried and NO!

littlegreenshed blog - The Good Life Travelling dress 1

So, when we arrived at Annie’s beautiful home for a few nights and saw her garden room, I knew instantly this place was all set for me to stage the scene.

So – here is my story….

littlegreenshed blog - The Good Life Travelling dress 1

My name is Cecile, I live in a small hill top village called Montreal in the Languedoc region of France, just outside of Carcassonne.  A sleepy village made of sand stone buildings and mint coloured shutters.  I am an artist, a gardener, a wife and a mother.

My garden room is my sanctuary. A place to retreat to, away from the glare of the midday sun. Here I love to indulge my passions, to paint, potter and read.  My children are now grown, living in Toulouse, they visit frequently, sharing gifts of local cheeses and stories of their lives.

littlegreenshed blog - The Good Life Travelling dress 1

On days when I am working in the garden I wear my apron dress.  A soft chambray denim tunic, loose and comfortable next to my skin, with deep pockets for my secateurs and perhaps my book.

And here I live, with my lover and a cat called Olive.

So there – my take on the Good Life dress travels… I am now passing it on to Ali.  Follow our stories by looking up the #thegoodlifedresstravels.

Lou Archell, a writer, photographer, stylist and founder of Littlegreenshed.  A UK lifestyle & travel blog

Lou is also a busy mum of two amazing boys and the founder of Sisterhood Camp – an annual creative retreat for recharging and empowering brilliant ladies, Lou is passionate about supporting and inspiring others whether through her workshops, writing, photography or lifestyle hacks.

  • So lovely, Lou. I love how you’ve really made this entirely your own. I want that garden room!

  • what a fab project! And great photos. And that garden room is something else too. And carcass em so many things about this post I love!!!

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