Travel // 03 Bucket List – Paris is always a good idea…

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As part of my travel ‘bucket list’ series (you may remember Portugal here), I am now moving on to Paris.  I’ve never been!  I know!  It’s one of those beautiful iconic places that everyone should travel too at some point in their life.

Sadly, I am yet to walk down the banks of the Seine, take a selfie in front of the Eiffel tower or pretend to be Amelie running down those lantern lit streets.  Sigh.  I would flounce around in my best Paris frock, drinking rich red wine and lapsing into a seductive French accent. Pretending to be Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve or François Hardy.  Breton top, a pair of slacks and a slash of red lips.  

Hmmm getting too carried away?  Never.  Paris is meant to be theatrical, with it’s dark moody back streets, Gothic architecture seeped in mystery and history.  It’s a place to play, live out fantasies and dreams.

I always thought I would go when I was in my 20’s, alone, meeting a French guy in a bar, which then lead to a romantic affair.  Like the pages of Bonjour Tristesse.  But fate never happened, which is a good thing really as now I would be happy to go with my Dan, and drink good coffee in a small square, and people watch for the morning. Visit galleries in the afternoon, and drink wine all evening…. bliss.

If you fancy heading to sweet gay Paris, then why enter this competition (I certainly will).  A weekend trip for two to Paris, flights and hotel included. Plus a booking at a Michelin star restaurant.  Oh la la!

Good luck!

This post was written in collaboration with Leisure Jobs.

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