Warming Chai with Tea India…

Cardamom chai from Tea IndiaWhen the air gets colder, and I am at home working, I love to sip warming Chai tea all day. Black tea blended with spices from the East, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla to name a few.

Chai reminds of my days travelling in southern India.  The Chai Wallah would cycle his bike around the villages, early in the morning. If I was up early (not gone to bed), I would see him pedalling around, ring his bell, offer hot milky, sweet chai to the villagers.

Such a beautiful sight.  Early morning mist through streets, the odd palm tree in view and the smell of spices whilst sipping tea.  That is India, right there.


Vanilla Chai from Tea INdiaIn my search for an authentic alternative to Mr Chai Wallah’s brew, I discovered Tea IndiaSelling just three types of Chai tea.  Masala, Cardamom and Vanilla.  The Masala is as close as I can get to that Chai I remember so dearly.

They write:  Chai tea is at the heart of Tea India, it’s all that we do and with our blenders memories, knowledge and expertise we invite you to enjoy the authentic taste of India, transporting you to the sights and sounds of evocative landscapes of India.

Exactly what I want!  India, to me, is a distant and beloved memory of mine, nearly 13 years ago I was there.  So long.  But now at least I can drink in that smell and taste and be transported back in time.

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Tea India are kindly giving away a pack of Chai tea goodies and a beautiful hand-made friendship bracelet, made by Reena, who is a tea picker on the Chubwa Tea Estate.  You can read more about her here.  To enter, all you need to do is complete the widget below.  Giveaway ends on Wednesday 30th September.  Good Luck!

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  • I’m actually having a cup of Masala Chai with a touch of milk while writing this comment. It’s been one of my favourite for quite a while. And now when my baby is teething and my three year old never stays still, spices are exactly what I need, they keep me going.

  • I love chai – depending on the spices in can be stimulating (great in the morning) soothing (brilliant after meals) but always delicious. I enjoy it in wide mouthed cups and mugs so I can really inhale the spices as I drink

  • I’d enjoy mine curled up with my favourite book. Ooh the lovely aroma of spices! Perfect for autumn.

  • I’ve never tasted Chai, but would love to, could imagine sitting at the end of my garden, where its quiet enjoying a cup

  • I have never tasted chai, yet I’ve heard friends wax lyrical about it and Laura Circleofpines and I were chatting about it on Instagram just yesterday. I’m very intrigued and it seems as though it may be an excellent drink for Autumn. Many thanks for the chance to win Lou (oh and I wondered whether we could chat about that possible workshop…)

  • Thanks for the chance to win! It’s a bit selfish but I’d enjoy my Chai on my own! My youngest started school a couple of weeks ago and having peaceful moments to myself with a cuppa is one of the best parts of having the house to myself (I’m trying to focus on the good bits so I don’t worry about him too much!).

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