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I gave up my part time job back in May. Giving my full attention to my freelance work and this blog.  It has been hard work, thrilling and at most a full on hustle.  But that’s just it, the hustle. This is why I am freelancing, I enjoy the chase, the search for work, the making it my own.

Gone are the days of the early commute, the 9 to 5, the repetition. Instead I move from the kitchen with a coffee in hand to my dining table. Where I plan my day and tap away at my laptop.  This is where it gets tricky.

I work, style, photograph, plan, eat, help kids with the homework, fold clothes, dump bags, write lists – all on this table.  My work has to move around the needs of my family in it’s use.  So for example, the kids come home from school, want to eat a snack, perhaps do their homework (who I am I kidding), draw, make lego etc.  My work things get shoved off to the side or on the floor!

It’s not ideal, but this is how I’ve worked/lived for years.  Something has got to give, and I hope that is not my sanity!  Solution… sell my mid-century sideboard.  Yep.  Make space in the dining room for a little desk of my own.  If anyone wants a Mackintosh teak sideboard – please let me know as it’s going on ebay this weekend.

So, this brings me round to my current pinterest obsession – home offices.  I am after a rough looking wooden desk (so I can photograph flat lays on it).  I think scaffold boards or a bit of skip diving might be in order.

Yesterday I bought a vintage white anglepoise lamp which I am in love with.  It’s rusty and gnarled and has seen better days, but that makes me love it even more.  I can’t wait to get started at my little desk!  I am thinking of hanging a calendar over it like this one. Lots of plants and light from the window.  Actually, can I just be her.

Anyway – here is my home office inspiration pin board…
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  • I recently traded in my small narrow desk for a old oak kitchen table and like you, I have sacrificed my mid century sideboard and created a work area in our living room. Having the extra physical space to work on has been a game changer for me – i can set my graphics tablet out without feeling achy and cramped and there is now more than enough room to let the coffee cups pile up during a day – it is now my new ‘happy place’

  • Love that image at the top! I currently have a home office (also freelancer/blogger working from home!) so I am really lucky, but we are about to turn this room into the bathroom!! It means the old bathroom will become my new office, but since we are also opening up a staircase in that room, it is going to become a long corridor with a tiny space on the end for my desk! Compact, to say the least, but I am super excited about it, because I can design it myself to be everything I want in an office (except for big, obviously!). Lots and lots of shelves (I’m a massive bookworm) is my main requirement. I’d love a big rustic wood desk, but I have my great-grandfather’s carved oak pedestal desk which I love too much not to use, even if it is not quite so photogenic! Best of luck with the new space!

  • I have the utter luxury of a sewing room (only because it’s too small to be useful for anything else!) and it is lovely to be able to just get up and leave everything and come back to find it how I left it! The idea of working freelance is amazing…I need a new challenge right now…

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