Halloween 2015…

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Halloween is a big deal, for the kids.  My two get obsessive about it, talking costumes, sweets, and playing with those noisy monster toys in Aldi.

I’ve grown less fond of it as years go by.  All that sugar, unnecessary plastic tat sold in the shops, the over Americanisation of it all.  And after last years terrible accident to Claudia Winkleman’s daughter (google it if you don’t know), I’m against those nylon costumes we all buy from the super market.

I must admit, I have a bad case of Halloween grumps.  This year, much to the boys annoyance, we are leaving Bristol and the trick or treating, the over consumption of crappy sweets and the masses of teenage kids roaming the streets dressed up as Zombies or in scream masks.

This Halloween we are off to the Wye Valley in Wales, to stay in a beautiful barn conversion (I shall share our trip on Instagram so please check in this weekend).  I am planning pumpkin carving, bat watching at night, making bat shaped biscuits and if I can find it, watch Ghost Busters on the TV.

Charlie is so cross! But he can miss one Halloween.  I am sure he will forgive me!

So what are you planning this weekend?  Halloween full fright night or a quiet night in.

  • We’re pumpkin carving tomorrow morning, going to spooky storytelling and crafting in our local library and then home for a Halloween night in, with a movie and hot chocolate. Thankfully, we live out in the countryside so trick or treating doesn’t feature in our celebrations. Enjoy your Wales weekend! Bee xx

  • Celebrating the changing seasons and marking the turning of the year is so important to me and Halloween forms part of this ritual for me. This time of year is a time to enjoy the last of the harvest, light bonfires and candles to ward off the dark and put up decorations to cheer up hearth and home. There will be some sugary-ness consumed in this house and probably some dressing up and anarchic revelry to keep the more sinister spirits at bay.

  • I love Halloween (my now husband proposed last Halloween – I love it that much!) so I’m glad it’s more popular these days but with that comes the inevitable waste & Wilkos tat, which is a big shame.

    I’m off to The Ethicurean’s Day of the Dead feast, which should be lovely! Your Halloween this year sounds perfect, I’m sure they’ll love it!

  • we’re joining in with a guiness world record attempt at most witches in one place at once. if I ever finish the costumes. after which I shall probably lie down in a dark room, and curse anyone who knocks on the door……….

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