How to use Periscope…

How to Periscope for bloggers - littlegreenshed blog

Periscope is the new kid on the block for app’s.  Not that new, it’s been around for about five months now.  Devised by the team behind Twitter, it is a great way to share your goings on ‘live’ with a little video.

I recently started using it whilst on our trip to Malaga.  I say I, but actually I let Dan just roll with it.  He was hooked.  Dan became travel guy!  Sharing the highlights and goings on in Spain.  It was so much fun.

Periscope is a really easy to use app, broadcasting to the world from your own phone.  You can stream live reports, tours, events anything!  It is a brilliant way to seriously promote your blog or business.

Your ‘live’ stream will only be shown on your Periscope profile for 24 hours, but if you change your settings you can have it saved to your phones gallery – a great tip if you want to use it later. (upload it to your blog or you tube channel).

I think it is great,  and if you’re not taking advantage of this new social media platform, you could be loosing out.  So here are my top tips…

1. Live Tours

We all love a home tour don’t we?  Snooping around people’s homes.  Why not use Periscope to share your home, a new cafe opening, your favourite lunch hang out.  It’s a great way of sharing another layer of your life.

2. Product Demos

Are you launching a new product? Whether it is a product, workshop or online retreat.  Use Periscope to run through or demonstrate your latest product. This way, your potential buyers are watching in real-time and can instantly ask you a question as soon as they have it and also immediately get an answer. Game changer.

3. Interviews

No I’m not talking about interviewing an office junior or perhaps you are going for a new job. I mean interview your favourite blogger or business owner. Host a live interview with that individual, ask your questions, but also keep an eye out for when other people shoot in questions. Periscope is a great way to group chat.

4. Q&A Session

We all love a twitter chat.  But how cool would it be to have a Q&A session on Periscope.  Your followers can ask questions and you can answer in real time.  Hold a debate on line, discuss blog issues or perhaps tell your followers about how you have grown your following.

5. Announcements

Have some special news?  Engagement, off on holiday?  Brand ambassador?  New e-course? Tell your followers by announcing to the world.

6. Behind the scenes

Like home tours, this one is a little grittier.  Share your warts and all. Not for the faint hearted. Are you re-decorating?  Dealing with your child’s lego mountain. Have ingenious space saving ideas. Share your finds.

7. Teach 

Use Periscope as an information session.  Use it as a free live e-course.  Are you an instagram queen or a whizz with wordpress.  Host a live session on how to do something.

So why not give Periscope a go.  You can find me on there as @littlegreenshed.  Let’s get sharing.