Redecorating using the Dulux Visualizer app…

LAsittingroom-9 1000Our home is in a constant flux, rooms being redecorated, shelves rearranged and furniture migrating in and out of the house.  One of the biggest things for anyone undertaking a renovation project or just giving their home a bit of a refresh is visualizing what the finished result would be like.

My lounge, for example, has been painted bright white for the past 8 years.  A simple, understated scheme, that is both easy on the eye and budget.  Everything goes with white, right?  Back then, as a fairly new mum, I wanted the room to feel bright, easy to clean and to give little thought to it.  White walls can be easily wiped down or touched up.

Now my boys are older, I want this room to now feel like a cosy snug. I’ve started to pin ideas of dark and moody interiors. The complete opposite of what I have lived with for so long.  I am hoping the finished room will look warm and inviting.  Flickering candle light, evenings sat by our log fire.  Hugged by deep dark grey walls.

But will this scheme work?  How can I convince Dan that this is both a good idea, and (more importantly) that he wants to paint it for me? I’ve recently discovered this brilliant app called the Dulux Visualizer.  A clever little phone app that allows you to peruse the colour ranges by Dulux and – now here is the good bit – you can ‘paint’ your walls with it!

viz app 1

Yeah: seriously.  Once you have selected a colour from their many ranges you can hold your phone up to face your wall. Launch the ‘visualizer’ and tap the screen where you want to paint. Voila! The wall is now that colour.  Neat!  Not the actual wall of course, you will still need to get your roller out, but now you can see how it will look.

Looking through the Dulux colour ranges I discovered Night Jewel, a rich deep dark grey.  Here is how it looks on my wall.

You can paint and save your creations as you go, trying out different colours during different times of the day.  This app is such so much fun; I have ‘redecorated’ most of the house this morning.  Not only can you choose from hundreds of Dulux colours but you can also access tips on the best product for your project. where your nearest store is and even watch their own YouTube tips on decorating.

So now I can share my ideas with Dan, and he can see exactly what I mean.  That is one hurdle crossed; now I just need to convince him to paint it!

The Dulux Visualizer app is free to download and in my opinion it is a fantastic way to try new colour schemes without buying messy tester pots. Download yours today for free on iTunes or Google Play.


  • I love this. I tend to always end up painting A3 pieces of paper and sticking them up but it always looks different on the wall in the end anyway. Great idea from Dulux.

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