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Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blogGosh I am so behind with my travel posts!  Let me try to bring you up to speed.  Back in September, Dan and I travelled to Malaga, southern Spain for a whirlwind of a weekend getaway.  You may remember our fantastic hotel, Barcelo, complete with slide.

Well here is a little round up of this beautiful City.  I must admit, when we were originally asked to go to Malaga to review the hotel, I was a little apprehensive. Malaga, to me, bought up images of drunken hen parties and mahogany coloured ex-pats drinking in the sun.  But much to my delight I saw none of that. Instead I found beautiful architecture, Spanish families enjoying themselves, great food and clean beaches.  Let me tell you more….

Travel - Malaga City - littlegreenshed blog

Malaga is cool.  Really, really cool.  Right on the Mediterranean with miles of clean sandy beaches, and Moorish architecture. After a two hour flight from Bristol, we were standing in the middle of Malaga, watching a religious procession make it’s way through the streets. Drumming, heat, prayer – the heart beat of Spain.

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed Blog

Our first evening, we discovered a pretty little square in the heart of the old City, just beneath the Roman amphitheatre.  Sitting at a table in the famous El Pimpi we ordered tapas and drank huge gold fish bowl sized glasses of gin mare, flavoured with fresh springs of Rosemary.  We were here, back in Spain, the smell, the noise, the vibrancy – I love it.

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blog

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blog

Dan and I spent the weekend wandering the old city and the modern quay area.  Visiting the Pompidou Center and falling in love with Miro, again.  The Centre opened in March 2015, is housed in El Cubo, a cuboid glass structure in Malaga port, and buildings next to it. It is a beautiful building and sets the vibe of the new port side area, to which we loved.

The newly developed waterside is home to expensive yachts, where the rich sail up the coast to come and play in the many bars, restaurants and shops.  The best time to come to the quay is at night , when local families which children of all ages enjoy the fair ground rides, the atmosphere and eating late into the night.  Here we found great restaurants serving paella, and traditional Spanish fare alongside cosmopolitan dishes.

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blog

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed Blog

Travel to the tip of the quay to the headland, past the light house and you are standing on the Southern tip of Malaga’s many beaches.  Perfectly swept expanses of beach, with beach bars dotted along.  Not like the beaches of the Costa del Sol, no, these beach bars are quiet and frequented by locals enjoying their weekend.  Each bar has a bbq burning away outside, serving fresh cooked mackerel or bowls of mussels for a few euros a piece.

Even in September people were sun bathing and swimming in the sea.  The temperature reaching to the late 20 degrees, makes Malaga a pleasant place to enjoy some early Autumn sun.

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blog

That evening we took a taxi from the hotel to the mountain and in particular, hotel Parador de Malaga Gibrafaro.  We had been tipped off that this hotel with it’s incredible 360 degree panoramic views over the city,  allowed non-guests to enjoy a sundowner on the terrace.  A pretty hotel, traditional in it’s design, but it is that view we all went there for.  Grabbing a table facing the sun, we enjoyed a jug of sangria and watched the sun move across the sky until it slipped past the mountains. – shhh this place is our secret, don’t tell everyone about it as we shall never get a table next time!

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blog

After sunset, we walked the short distance to the castle on the top of the mountain. And enjoyed a pleasant snaking walk through the terraced gardens, back down into Malaga old city once more.  I would suggest taxi up and walk down, as it’s a fair old trek.

Travel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed blogTravel - Malaga City Guide - Littlegreenshed Blog

Dan and I loved our short break in Malaga, a chance to soak up some more sunshine before the Winter in the UK.  It is the perfect place to eat, explore and chill.

Where to go to next?  Oh everywhere!  I am hoping that perhaps Copenhagen or Amsterdam… who knows!  Where would you send us?

We were sent to Malaga to review Hotel Barcelo.

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