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When it comes to buying gifts for my two for Christmas, I always remember the rhyme that my mum taught me:

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear


Something to read

Such a great little rhyme.  Their WANT this year is Lego. And because of the new film about to be released, they are going crazy for the new Lego Star Wars of course. Although Rufus is flipping back and forth between Star Wars and Jurassic World, he’s not having both!

So that is the WANT covered, so what about the rest.  NEED, well I always love to give them colouring pens, great art books, musical instruments, puzzles that kind of thing.  I always take the NEED part as helping their personal development, without them realising it.

Something to WEAR – a new t-shirt, a woolly hat, nice new pyjamas are always a winner.  And finally READ – with Charlie having such a strong aversion to reading (being dyslexic) I am going to get Stampy Longnose books on minecraft.  He will be reading without realising!  Tactics!

What are you buying the kids?  Need more inspiration?  I’ve rounded up a little guide for kid gifting this Christmas over in my shop.

  • I love your mum’s rhyme for present buying for the kids. I am going to remember that one when I am on my Christmas shopping travels. Thank you!

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