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Christmas Gift guide for me

The second in my gift guides is full of items that I would personally love to receive, think warm cosy throws, ceramics and scented candles.  I want to feel comforted, and spoilt this Christmas.

Importantly for me, I want my Christmas gifts to have longevity, only last night I was trying to think what Dan bought me last year, then I remembered, clothes.  None of which I wear now! So no clothes for me this year, only beautiful, thoughtful items that I will treasure forever.  So below is a little gift guide for me – or for women like me!

I have tried to curate a beautiful collection of special items, that can be given and treasured for years to come.  Just click on the images below and it will share a little more about it, click add to cart and check out!  Shopping done, and it’s not even December!

Or if you prefer to see all of my shop and the many collections please head over here for inspiration.


  • Hi Lou, loving your gift guide, especially the lamp. Thought I would warn you on the slippers though. I had the exact pair from bohemia, same colour way and ironically considering the topic of your blog, they lasted 6 months. I hope you receive your desired items x

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