Four best Star Wars toys for Christmas…

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Clockwise from top:

BB-8 / Pyjamas / Yoda Sticker book / Clone figure

Star Wars episode VII, The Force Awakens, is released inย the cinemas just before Christmas. My two are completely over excited, and have watched the trailers over and over on You tube. Their conversations are filled with the in’s and out’s of the plot in many different ways.ย Who is the new baddie? ย Is the girl Han and Leia’s daughter? Does she have the force? etc etc.

I must admit, I’m really excited about it too. Falling in love with Han Solo as a young girl, it will be fantastic to see my kids reaction to this film, and I hope it lives up to it’s high expectations.

This Christmas, Santa will be asked by many children across the globe for some Star Wars related gifts. My two have already written their list, which includes most of the Lego Star Wars range. ย So, if you are like me and want to plan your Christmas shopping early, then here is a little guide to some of the best Star Wars gifts on the high street.

So, will you be watching the Force Awakens this Christmas? I seriously cannot wait!

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