SISTERHOOD – goodness in the goody bags…

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Slowly, I am focusing my head and putting together words after the event last Saturday.  SISTERHOOD brings me closer to the friends I already had, but also gives me the chance to meet new people and discover new things.

Our goody bag, given to each SISTER at the end of the evening, was a thing of beauty.  Filled with wonderful items.  Something to eat, smell, pamper, read, grow and indulge.  A prefect Winter combination.

A few months ago, I put a shout out on Instagram for goody bag submissions, and I was overwhelmed with the response.  Small businesses across the country leapt at the chance to be featured, and worked tirelessly to make the product and get them delivered to me on time.


Please spend some time visiting these brilliantly independent makers, and say hi.  I would thoroughly recommend you shop small this Christmas, as these lovely things would make perfect gifts for all.

Starting from the top:

I shall share more about the evening soon!  But in the meantime you can read a beautiful story shared by two SISTERS Laura and Xanthe over on the SISTERHOOD website.



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