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Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Style with Clarks Shoes

For years I’ve been after a pair of sturdy walking shoes.  I’ve tried the usual walking ankle boot, but never got on with them, every pair I tried hurt my ankles and rubbed little blisters.  So I gave up.  Instead, on our family hikes my footwear of choice was always my trusty yellow wellies.  The problem with wellies is that unless it is wet weather and you want to jump in all the muddy puddles, wellies are hot and a little cumbersome.

So, when Clarks asked if I would like to try their new Gore-Tex® walking shoes I was delighted.  I chose the blue pair, they arrived a few days later.  Excitedly, I wore them to our local nature park to try them out.

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Weekends CollectedFrom the moment of slipping them on, I knew these shoes would change my life. Super comfy, strong and waterproof.  And stylish too, looking great with a dress and thick tights or with a pair of skinny jeans.

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Style with Clarks Shoes

Wading through the dew covered grass, my feet were dry and warm.   The unique Wavewalk sole design gives an unusual yet comfortable pivot motion from heel to toe. I found walking in these shoes so easy, it was almost as if they made me want to walk further!

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Style with Clarks Shoes

Now, that is really cool.  Making me want to put on my walking shoes and get outside in all weather.  No more propping up the sofa for me.  Give me hills and woodlands and my new Gore-Tex® shoes – a happy girl.

Thank you to Clarks for asking me to test drive these shoes.

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