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Littlegreenshed UK Travel and LifestyleI love my job, sorry I don’t mean to sound smug.  But I do.  It has taken me years of hard work to get me to this point of being able to provide for my family.  Working night and day to ensure this blog is tip top and full of interesting content has always been my aim.

The perks of this job are many.  I can work at home (I could say this was a disadvantage, but on cold winter days I don’t have to leave the house!). My work can fit round my family. I get paid doing something I love – this is a biggie.  After years of working in part-time mind numbing jobs (no disrespect meant) I can finally fulfil all my creative notions.  Photography, writing, design, styling and social connecting.

Of course there is another perk of being a blogger, and I am going to claim bragging rights for those.  We do have many magical opportunities.  But  life hasn’t always been so golden.  In the early days, Dan and I really struggled with money.  I know a lot of us do.  Dan’s meagre income, where he used to work he was underpaid and overworked. My poor guy was at his wits end trying to provide for his new family.

A few years ago, I made a stand, to help him in his/our financial despair.  I needed to make this blog pay.  So I worked hard, perfecting it, channelling all my energy into this space.  That energy is now finally paying off.  Dan has stepped off the rat run, and is working for himself.  I can now pay for our bills and for little extras like a weekend break somewhere nice.

Our lives have been enriched by blogging, in every way. Not only do we have amazing opportunities, but personally it has changed all of us. For Dan the heavy burden of being the main earner has lifted. He can pursue his dream of becoming a furniture maker, hopefully starting in 2016.

For me, I love the community that blogging has given me.  My SISTERS, the collective power of encouragement and support.  My true, best friends are those who I have met through this little space.  I cherish that. Deeply.

So this is me, reaching out to you.  You can do it.  If you need some help or support just email me, and I can hopefully offer advice, if not I will give you a virtual fist bump.  In a world of the internet and self promotion, I feel that blogging shouldn’t always be about ‘look at me’, it should be about encouraging and inspiring.

So let’s do this! – Mumboss / SISTER!  Are you with me?


  • Just had to say that I love this post- thanks for being so honest about how it was for you financially. Its so great to know that with a lot of discipline and hard work blogging can be a worthy source of income.

  • Have just been browsing your lovely blog- how inspiring, especially this post! My husband danny and I can really identify with the situation you’ve described here so it’s given me a boost to keep going with my creative persists! Thank you lovely!

  • Thank you so much for this post, I love blogs and blogging but sometimes it can feel like a special club full of the cool girls that I’m never going to be part of! Reading this and seeing the lovely sisterhood supper event that was open to all make me realise that it’s really all in my head and that by reading, commenting and contributing I really am part of it after all (even if I live all the way over in Northern Ireland and will probably never make it to an actual event!) Hope that makes sense! Emma

  • Love this! Fist bump to you mum boss! You’re an inspiration in all sorts of ways! Xxxx

  • What a lovely lovely post. It’s always amazing to read about hard work and determination paying off; I’m a only a recent reader of your blog but its such a positive, inspiring place.

  • What a lovely post and great to hear how your blog has helped not only you but your family too. It’s a lovely read and gorgeous photos.

  • I truly love your spirit Lou, and it’s amazing what you’re doing, it’s brave and it’s beautiful too. I love having examples of strong creative women around me to look up to and be inspired. Thank you for being one of them x

  • That was a brilliant post Lou and I needed to hear it so much, while also needing to close my ears to it. My blog’s been bumping along for so long and I go through days of being really invigorated about it and others where I do very little. I suppose it’s that feeling of being a little fish in a big ocean. But also, there are other needs and priorities in my life. I wish I could do what I love, but now’s not the season for that. I’ve just written a bit of a confessional blog post about it actually. I’m sure you’re crazy busy but if you can spare two minutes to read it and another minute to reply, who knows, you might have something to say that makes a huge difference to me! xx (and sorry, I’m not the sort of person who usually links to their own blog posts in comments sections, as I’m not into the brash self-promotion thing, but I would genuinely love to hear your opinion!) (and sorry also for the longest blog comment ever!)

  • This is so amazing to read, thank you. Ultimately it is my dream to do the same – writing has always been my passion, and photography too, though I am still developing my skills in that area, and blogging has been a wonderful experience. I am only just coming out of a work nightmare that has allowed me to focus on the blog more, I quit my full time stressful job to go part-time in the same job, but with half the responsibility, and gave up the PhD I was doing in my spare time (for the legal career I no longer (and never really) wanted), and started up my own freelance business in my ‘spare’ time. That has taken off far better than I could have imagined, which is great, but I was hoping to have more time for blogging! But who knows what the future holds – I’ve already taken big steps from unhappiness and illness through constant stress to a much happier, more relaxed way of life where I am working for myself and actually earning more money! :-) It is amazing when things work out this way, and I am grateful every day too. So glad to hear Dan is pursuing his dreams as well – we all deserve to do what we love. x

  • Great post Lou. And just what I need to read now too. Having just given up my job recently to work from home, it’s good to know the life I really want can be achieved with hard work, determination and guts. Well done. x

  • This is just what I needed to hear. Currently trying/struggling to make things work with blogging and my illustration career. In such a pickle as suffer from lupus and get rather sick but its not made better by having a stressful bitchy job in a big corp as a designer. I really would love to follow my dreams but am feeling really stuck(by money etc). Your words have really touched me and its great to know my dreams are achievable! Thank you and bloody well done xx

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