Top Gardening Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

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Deciding on how your garden looks when it comes to selling your home is just as important as making the bathroom or the kitchen perfect.  A beautiful garden can add value to your property and equally devalue it if neglected.  According to most estate agents, when it comes to selling a property (I’m not by the way, but it’s always on my mind), a garden that needs minimal attention will always trump a higher maintenance garden in terms of attracting potential buyers.  Here are a few tips on how to get your garden looking tip top for the move.

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Low Maintenance

Most people, when viewing a property want to see a garden which is low in maintenance. With the pace of life becoming faster and free time rapidly diminishing, many people do not have the luxury or desire to spend hours slogging away with gardening. Believe me, I love to garden, but at the moment have little time to spend outside doing it.  I long for a yard that is beautiful yet minimal on time to care for it.  I want a tastefully designed garden that is an inviting oasis of calm in my busy City life.

Features to Avoid

  • Avoid installing ponds as they take constant maintenance to stay looking their best. Ponds can be a drowning hazards that maybe off putting to families with small children.
  • Don’t make pebbles a garden feature as they easily become scattered into other areas and continually need replenishing. A pebble bed also needs regular weeding to maintain its appeal.
  • Weed, get rid of the dead or dying plants.
  • Tidy up. No one wants to see broken pots or old furniture.

Features to Include

  • Try and plant evergreens that won’t drop leaves, seeds, fruits and branches as the seasons change. Think about how your garden will look in each season, and choose plants that will give interest.  Your local garden centre can help you with this.
  • Installing an underground sprinkler or drip irrigation system with a watering timer is an excellent time saving device and will save many hours of work in the garden.
  • Use plants that are slow growing and don’t require continual maintenance. Hedges make great borders but they need to be trimmed regularly to look their best, think about using fencing as well, for security.
  • Make good use of mulch to keep the roots of plants moist and protected from the elements. If living in a hot area, choose hardy plants that are drought tolerant and don’t require too much watering. Conversely, if located in a very cold area, plant species that are frost resistant and won’t die off in cold weather. Landscaping and plants are expensive and a garden should be well-planned, functional and low maintenance, not just something pretty to look at.

Gardening can be a wonderful and enjoyable hobby, and need not be a chore.  If you take into careful consideration of your own spare time and the size of your garden, with a few of these tips your space will be beautiful and maintenance free. Both you and your potential buyer will definitely appreciate it.

This is a collaborative post.

Lou Archell, a writer, photographer, stylist and founder of Littlegreenshed.  A UK lifestyle & travel blog

Lou is also a busy mum of two amazing boys and the founder of Sisterhood Camp – an annual creative retreat for recharging and empowering brilliant ladies, Lou is passionate about supporting and inspiring others whether through her workshops, writing, photography or lifestyle hacks.