Weekends collected // Fog and a Tucson…

Littlegreenshed UK lifestyle and travel blog - fog weekend

This weekend was in two halves.  Saturday afternoon we took two of Rufus’ friends to the cinema and out for pizza. A belated birthday celebration.  Four giggling sweet filled boys bouncing around in the Hyundai Tucson, was something I’ll never forget.  They had fun, at least! ;)

Sunday, we woke with the idea of a road trip. We had been given a Hyundai Tucson to test drive for the weekend. Oh the joy!  A brand new top of the range car to play with.  I wanted moors, epic views, mountains.  Dan wanted roads to go fast (who does he think he is!).  So we opted for the Mendips, local and beautiful.

Littlegreenshed UK lifestyle and travel blog - fog weekend

To most people driving through the wintery moors with thick fog and sideways rain would make them run for the comfort of their homes. But not us. We love it. There is something about fog that makes my family go a bit loopy.  Desperate to get out into it, we jumped out of the car and ran into a marshy field.  Within minutes I had lost the boys, the fog was so dense I could barely make out their shapes, but at least I could hear their whoops and giggles.

I was thankful for my cosy Toast dress and The Future Kept blanket to keep me warm.

Littlegreenshed UK lifestyle and travel blog - fog weekend

Out of the hedge came three lost hikers. Dan did his best to navigate them through the fog to find civilisation. Only to find them half an hour later still lost! I hope they made it back ok.

Littlegreenshed UK lifestyle and travel blog - fog weekend

I shall share more about our Tucson adventure in another post.  It was masses of fun. Dan is so upset he has to give it back! :(  He wants a Jeep or an off roader next.

How was your weekend?  What did you get up to?

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